How to Create the Purr-fect Writing Space

by Samantha Blann

Ahh the writing space: that magical place where all your words fall onto the page. It might seem like a place that only exists in your dreams, but it’s real, I promise you.

The purr-fect writing space is different for everyone: Some writers like loud, busy cafes, while others prefer quiet rooms where they can shut the world out. I, myself, have been known to write in the kitchen, on the living room couch, and in bed from time to time, but I always prefer having a space of my own where I can block out distractions and get some serious writing done.

Here’s what I think makes the purr-fect writing space:

A comfy chair.

I spend about 1-2 hours a day writing. That’s a lot of sitting! I wanted to do my back (and my butt) a favour by investing in a comfy chair. It’s not a top-of-the-line ergonomic spinning chair with wheels and a jetpack, but it has a cushion!

A blanket.

What comfy chair wouldn’t be complete without a fuzzy blanket to keep you warm?

Noise-cancelling headphones.

I invested in a pair of these babies when my upstairs neighbor bought a treadmill. There’s nothing like the incessant thump, thump, thump, thump during an early morning writing session to make you want to kill off yet another character.


Books about the writing craft.

I love having books nearby when I’m writing. Not only can I reference them for writing tips and advice, but I can use them for inspiration too! Some of my favourites include: The Secrets of Story by Matt Bird, The Magic Words by Cheryl Klein, and, The Writers Journey, by Christopher Vogler.

A timer.

Sometimes the words just aren’t coming out. That’s when I pull out my old school hourglass timers. They’re whisper quiet and perfect for tricking myself into focusing for 15-30 minutes at a time. I just flip them over and force myself to write as fast as I can without editing until the sand runs out. Then I get to take a break!


Something to write on.

This one kind of goes without saying. Writers are famous for writing our ideas pretty much anywhere. I don’t know if I’m crazy or not, but there’s just something about physically writing an idea down that makes it that much more exciting.

I’m personally guilty of sticking post-it notes and inspiration to any bare spot on my wall, which pretty much makes me look like a maniac! But it works for me and my process. So hey, why not?


Chocolate is a MUST for me. I keep a jar of it nearby when I’m writing, and munch on it when I want some much-needed food therapy after being particularly mean to my characters and feeling bad about it.


A mug of something warm.

What kind of writer would I be without a love for warm beverages? I’m a coffee addict through and through, and I never start a morning writing session without a hot cup of it. In the evenings I’ve been known to swap the coffee for a glass (or two) of red wine, but if anyone asks, you didn’t hear that from me. 😉

A furry co-writer. 

Of course, no writing space would be complete without my cat curled up in my lap, clawing at my legs, or walking all over my desk. He’s even been known to try and contribute by walking on my keyboard! What a goof.

These nine things have made my writing life so much comfier and productive (minus the cat, but he provides snuggles, so all is forgiven). I hope this list inspires you to create the writing space of your dreams!

Samantha’s co-writer, Gus

Samantha Blann is an aspiring YA author. When she isn’t writing, you can find her with her nose in a book, drinking coffee and eating way too much chocolate. She recently started a blog for writers of YA fiction and hangs out with other writers on Twitter.



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  1. I really need to think about my purr-fect writing space. I must admit I never gave much thought to it until… now. I do have two furry co-writers and though they sometimes happen to walk on the keyboard, I wouldn’t want to write in a room where they are not, so that’s one (actually two) thing I need… And I like having a mug of hot tea or coffee close by… And some music too (and only music, no songs or I would probably start singing along…). Thanks a lot for sharing your own purr-fect writing space!

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    1. I’m still working on mine too! I’m actually renovating my study and my main priority at the moment is to figure out a spot where my cats can sleep while I write hahaha – oh, and what kind of coaster I want to get to go with my ‘special’ writing mug lol

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  2. This was really fun and interesting to read! Maybe I should actually-*gasp*-USE my desk (what!) I’ll take this advice as I hop into the crazy world of writing 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Ann Malley and commented:
    Are you hunting down that purr-fect Christmas gift for the writer in your life–yourself?

    Samantha Blann, aspiring YA writer, covers the basics of what every writer needs. A furry friend included.

    So get those lists made for Santa and…

    Write on!

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  4. Agreed on all of these! I have pieces around my writing space to remind me of my loved ones. A picture, a gift or small knickknack that makes me think of them, so I always feel surrounded by my biggest cheerleaders 📣😊

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  5. Some great ideas here. I love a quiet room with persian rugs, dark, wine coloured curtains, candles and soft lighting. I need a upright chair to type, but if I’m using pen and ink, a comfy velvet chair does the trick. I keep my dictionaries, Thesaurus and Joseph W. Williams’s “Style-Towards Clarity & Grace” within arm’s reach.

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  6. A mug of something warm! I absolutely must have the same on my table when I work! Also, love the last photograph of the cat 🙂


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  7. Fabulous article, although the writer hasn’t met Louis Catorze! He will roll all over your laptop, headbutt the hot drink out of your hand and scream himself witless. Using noise-cancelling headphones on him would be like putting a sticking plaster on a stab wound. 😆

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  8. For reasons I cannot explain it has to be at the kitchen table. I have to sit on a certain side with the deck facing my right. If I change any of this my writing is off. I wrote my first novel in this spot so I guess it’s best not to rock the boat.

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  9. My desk is so cluttered! I need to pare it right back to the essentials: computer, notebook, fountain pen, knitting, Jabberwocky head, Dishonour Cow, teapot & associated paraphernalia… and probably, if there’s any spare space, a shallow cardboard box, to contain the quantities of cat that will descend on any flat surface left uncovered in this house.

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  10. i’m a writing-in-cafes person although i write in my gratitude journal with a hot drink sitting up in bed first thing in the mornings. later in the day i type up my notes in my home office and print out ready for the next day’s editing and writing-in-a-cafe session. great to know what works for other writers 🙂

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    1. I’ve always wanted to be a writing-in-cafes person, there’s just something inherently romantic about sitting in cafe, drinking coffee and coming up with the latest New York Times Bestseller (I mean, ya never know!). Myself, I think I would be too self-conscious hahaha 🙂

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      1. yes, some people need total silence. i like the energy of other humans around me. however, if someone is speaking very loudly, it makes it hard to concentrate. libraries are too quiet for me though. it’s a comfort in a cafe to know food and drink are at hand if required 🙂

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    1. I’m doing the exact same thing as well! I’m converting an unused third bedroom into a study. Unfortunately I still need to take up the old carpet, sand and polish the floorboards, paint the walls white, get new curtains, buy an aztec looking rug, buy a new writing desk, buy some white shelves – and done! Okay, I have so much left to do…. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll write a post on the process lol


  11. I just moved into a new apartment, and I’m trying to figure out where to set up a writing space. I trashed my old desk before moving. I’ve been using the couch, chair, and dining room table. It is so hard on the back. I have everything mentioned above except the furry co-writer, and I can no longer eat chocolate (for shame). I lost my furry co-writer last year. Thanks for sharing this post, Samantha and Milly. Happy Writing.

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    1. So sorry to hear that, it’s really tough losing a furry co-writer. We really don’t realise how helpful they are until they are no longer around! I’m just in the process of figuring out my writing space, so much work to do! Good luck 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the reblog Cynthia! It’s really funny, we’re heading into summer here in the southern hemisphere, yet you wouldn’t know it consider how freezing it is! It’s so unusual. We’ve had the coldest winter on record here


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