How many views does my blog get?

When I first started my blog, The Cat’s Write, this was the one question I was dying to find out from other bloggers, especially from those who had been blogging for years or had a high number of subscribers – or both! Surely they must be getting thousands of views a day!?

But… I always thought it was a bit rude to ask, so I would hunt for hours and hours until I uncovered articles on the topic, usually from WordPress bloggers reporting their earnings from the WordAds program.

On average, I found these bloggers were getting around 30,000+ views a month.

Argh, I don’t even get half that many! I really have no clue how they get such high numbers.

My first (sucky) guess was that I must be doing something wrong. Then I realised these savvy bloggers would only be reporting their earnings if they had a huge number of views in the first place. They are most certainly NOT a good reflection of all bloggers with a high number of subscribers. Some of us don’t get many views at all.

Last month I averaged 250 views a day.

That’s it.

Not thousands.

All up, my blog received 7,000 views in February.

I do not get the 1,000 daily views required to average 30,000+ views a month.

Here is an honest snapshot of my stats for you guys to pour over:


On my lowest days (usually when I’m inactive and eating chocolate) I only get about 70 views. On the days I post a blog, I can get as many as 700 views in one day! Just goes to show, if you put the hard work in, you will be rewarded ten times over.

Just imagine if you were able to blog full-time!

If you’re not getting many views or unique visitors, don’t worry. As you can tell, I don’t really get that many views either, and nowhere near enough to qualify for the WordAds program if I was on a personal plan!

I’m just a girl, standing in front of Worpress, asking it to get higher stats.

Thankfully, my end goal has never been about the stats, it’s been about connecting with my fellow bloggers and building a community (or so I like to keep telling myself hahaha).

So let it (the stats) go and get blogging!




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  1. This was a great read 🙂 I’ve only recently started my blog, and already I feel like “there’s no point” but there is. If it can help just one person, or just be a space for me to relieve my thoughts, then that should be all that matters really? I’m proud of my little baby blog and what she’s got to give so far, and I really hope you are of yours because it’s amazing. To anyone who reads this, just keep going ❤

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  2. Since I am just getting started and was wondering a little about all of how it works I really appreciated this post. I don’t have many views but I do agree that when you actually post regularly you get views and right now I just want people to see my blogs and actually read them. My goal is to have a community of followers that I can connect with and right now I am putting in the work it takes to find those viewers.

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  3. I read someplace that to be successful at blogging all you have to do is post great content every single day.

    I know there are a few people who can actually do that. (especially on youtube.) But coming up with ideas that are good enough to become posts is hard enough.


    I am in awe of your amazing stats #Inspiration

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  4. Thank you so much for this post! You’re honesty helps heal the wound I’m so tempted to lick (by giving up blogging because I’ve been writing for over a year and have less than the desired number of followers). This gives me hope. Also, thanks for reading “The Beauty of Writing” and for following! I really really appreciate it!!

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  5. This paints a good picture for my new blog and I. After adding in some content I immediately began exploring WordPress for the first time.

    Apart from sharing on social media sites, the best eay to promote is to interact with the millions of other sites and bloggers. What elese would they be there for?

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  6. I wear my low numbers as a read badge of discourage … not really, I just thought that was a good word play but, it wasn’t a play at all per se, it was more like a pun but but not exactly. but it was fun so … .it’s like play. Or, it’s a clever way of saying … on a good day 15 likes makes me jump around like Snoopy used to do when he was in a really good mood. well … I do nothing to promote myself. I let people find me and if they like me they’ll come back even if they rarely see me at their site ‘liking’ them. I seldom read and ‘like’ . I love the idea that readers come to me through a revolving door look around … like what they see then, jump back in the other world of their searching searching trying trying doing doing. I get discouraged especially when I’ve written something I think is brilliant but it only gets 3 likes. I never know if I’m lying to myself when I say it doesn’t matter, or the world just isn’t ready for me but maybe I’ll be discovered after I’m dead and gone. then I hit myself in the head and say, why think such stupid thoughts when I could have had a V8? I have to keep reminding myself of myriads of clever thoughts I use to assuage my sense of loneliness. at times it feels like everyone is at this big street dance while I’m two or three blocks away waiting for someone to dance with. A lonely endeavor sometimes but, when the time is right I get to show my moves and some of them are great and I’m happy … even if a few come my way. I don’t pester them to come back. I figure they go away remembering the time they read something that was different and shined a bit, isn’t about lost love or how to find happiness in the world … at least, my words don’t say it so frigging concretely. isn’t poetry … or all art for that matter … supposed to have a sense of mystery to it? if that abstract mystery isn’t there, what fun is it? Abstract mystery gives each person a chance to see their own world more clearly through their own personal interpretation, doesn’t it? isn’t that what art is? Deeply personal therefore bringing out the ‘deeply personal’ in others? I mean, lamenting lost love or the depth of love a person has for another person or the wisdom gathered after after three decades of being alive …. it is what it is. you can see it. it’s right before your eyes! What’s the fun in looking at a field of daisies when you know everyone else is looking at the same field of daisies thinking the same thing? Awww … how pretty. BLEAH! On one hand I almost want to cry having never surpassed 20 likes at one time especially when I’m amazed at the kinds of numbers I see when I go out exploring. I just keep writing and throwing it up against the wall. sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. if it doesn’t I consider myself the lucky one plus, I get to wear the ‘read badge’ with pride. hearing that there are those who lament low numbers … that to me sound incredible … because they can’t surpass some astronomical figures, would be like … like being a write in candidate for president … then winning. But who wants to be president? but who am I shitting? I’m ambivalent about big numbers. I’m often saddened but then comes the day when WOW! … I got 15 likes today! the capitalist pig inside me says I’m not working hard enough. I have to sell myself more. the artist inside says, it’s wonderful to be inspired and put the words ‘on paper’ … knowing that 15 people … real people! … absorbed my words and liked them! …. I don’t know how to end this millie. so I’ll just let it fly and say … thank you from the bottom of my heart, your ‘like’ means so much to me.
    ….. ks

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  7. This is great! I have been blogging for a few months and I think it’s easy to get caught up in the stats, I was almost obsessing about it. Your post was a relief as I don’t feel so alone but I agree that the stats is not what it’s all about, blogging makes me happy so that’s what I’ll keep doing regardless of the stats 🙂

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  8. Looks to me like you’re doing great. Your worse day would be my best. We sail, do adventure travel with our kids and some adrenaline stuff. We’re,,,,I think you’ve got great stats, keep it up!

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  9. ‘I’m just a girl, standing in front of WordPress…’ ha, ha! Love it! I also liked your screenshot with the ‘blog, lazy, weekend’ captions.
    After reading this post, I am 100% certain that I’ve worked out I’m not in blogging for the page numbers – that would mean I actually had to post something more often than once every few months 🤣. But I DO like the community, and love that I can still achieve that by popping in to other people’s blogs to say hello.
    Hello! 😊

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  10. Thanks for sharing. It’s easy to obsess about the stats — I know I do and it’s definitely been discouraging at times. My stats are very lackluster so far, but I think I create decent content, though I could be a victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect where I have low ability yet suffer from illusory superiority. 😉 Oh well, I enjoy it so far, even if not many people are seeing my stuff.

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  11. I really love your page! I’m the same way, judging my blog off its stats, haha. My posts are really sporadic and I never have good ideas to blog about. Your blog is really relatable, though! Tips?

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  12. I only get just over 100 on good post days and down to 30 or so during days that I don’t post. Even though I have 10,000 plus subscribers, so few comment and like. Though I used to get 10 or so a day even on post days. So much better than most.

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  13. Thank you for the honesty! It really puts things into perspective, especially for a new blogger like me. I’m always seeing people want to turn their blog into a business and I would love that as a long term goal just not sure how people get so many views-other than promoting on social media.

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  14. Thanks so much for this post! I suppose even the best of us can’t escape worrying about how many hits we should be getting. In a way, focusing too much on stats means we’ll never really be satisfied. The only thing we can do is enjoy the process of blogging and engaging with other bloggers.

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  15. I gave up on the stats a long time ago and hardly ever look at them now. Instead I focus on the writing and building a community. I’ve found that doing this has become much more rewarding. 🙂

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  16. I’ve been blogging for about five years and I still don’t break 20 views per day most days.
    Of course, part of that is because I moved to my own site late last year, so I lost most of the followers I’d gained on my wordpress blog. And partly it’s because I don’t blog in a fixed niche, because frankly I’d get bored – although I do run series (at the moment, one going through Colette’s Wardrobe Architect and one on learning to sew my own clothes).
    So I can’t really complain. At least I’m getting good practice in working to schedule – a great skill for a writer to have!

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    1. So many bloggers say that you must blog in a fixed niche. Personally I don’t think it is necessary. My blog is a Pandora’s box with lots of different things in it, because I would get bored within 2 days if I had to write about the same thing every day.
      I mostly wtite in my home language, Afrikaans, so I can’t compare my stats to an English blog. I am happy with the stats I get, but it will never be enough to earn money.


  17. I love your witing and honesty, Milly, and wish I could pop in for a spot of tea. Wouldn’t it be great to meet all these bloggers IRL. Unfortunately I do need to make money and have realized that blogging is not likely to do that even if I invested a ton of time, got in Facebook etc like you just did, and had great content all the time. So I’m reducing to three times a week though still posting some pics and Strava bike ride stats on the other four while I try to write my book. Which also probably won’t make much if any money. So I’m glad to be writing and engaging the little I can, but yeah, if blogging is something one needs to do, you should if you can. But sadly it’s not a livelihood for most.

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  18. Not bad, Milly. Not bad at all. I’m still working to get there. How often would you say that you post? When I used to post almost daily my views were much higher and they slowed down a lot when I moved to twice a week. But now it’s risen past the views I used to get when I posted daily, which I’m really proud of.

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  19. As I’m new to blogging and trying my best to get more views, being read and to connect it‘s quite a number to me 😂 thank you for sharing so honestly and the notting hill quote – made my day!

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  20. My first post on my blog was February 26th. It should come as no surprise I have a small handful of views. On the bright side I am committed for the long term and I know in time, with hard work, it will grow.

    I am beginning to see that is the secret formula: Patience and hard work. That’s something that we all do. It seems to be ingrained in all of us to have this amazing work ethic otherwise none of us could create.

    Excellent post. Thank you for doing this.

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  21. I have also been really curious about this! So thanks a lot for letting us have a little peek 🙂 I am still hoping that one day I’ll get 70 views in one day but it is very exciting seeing the stats in any case (except when it refuses to budge from zero 😉 ).

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  22. Thank you for your honesty–there is so little of that these days.
    You mentioned not qualifying for WordAds if you were on a personal plan….so here is a difficult question….if someone were on the first paid plan, (Premium) how many views per month do you think they would need to break even? No one wants to give out this information because a) it depends on the many factors b) they don’t want to lie.
    I am nowhere near having enough views, but I have been thinking about it and I am curious.

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  23. Love your stats! I find myself getting a little too obsessed with mine, maybe checking too often 😉
    But I can see such a different since I started putting the work in, so I know it can happen. And I love engaging with other bloggers so much.

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  24. Great post and very timely for me. I confess that I am always peeking at my stats… wondering who’s reading, visiting… for someone who has close to 500 subscribers (and growing)- it can be disheartening when you notice that on average you’re seeing maybe 50-75 views on a good day/new post (Though one day I had like 275 views…) and 0-3 on an inactive day. My blogging goal in the next few months is to really focus on more promoting my writing and making new blogging friends. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I am doing this ‘for me’ and I am happy that people are reading and enjoying my work.

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  25. Alice believes the number and quality of comments is more important. I mean, if numbers got me off, I’d be on FB or IG or studying mathematics at the university. 😀 Thanks for the hopeful post, anyway! It does comfort us ants. Also, whatever your number of views, Alice does find your blog a pretty inspiring read! 🙂

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  26. I enjoyed this post. I have also wondered about this myself (many times over). LOL! I just do what I do, and if it works I’ll keep doing it over again. On an average, I tend to run into the 300 views a day, sometimes more, and other days low. It doesn’t really bother me. Like I said, I just keep trying. 🙂

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  27. My end goal is to practice writing, get comments, make revisions, then loop all the way back to the beginning and do the terrible edits, write a synopsis, chapter outline and send all this plus the first ten pages or so to a few literary agents. It’s never been about the blog. It’s about a book. WordPress represents my training wheels.

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  28. Love it. Thanks for information. I don’t have any followers really. I just started blogging not too long ago. But, I do it not for the numbers but just because I love to interact with others and form discussions.

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  29. Oh my God, Milly! Thank you so much for this post! It helps us lesser mortals cope with our faster-than-the-wind negative thoughts! Thanks a ton, gal! I hope, with the required hard work I can become a successful blogger like you! #Inspiration

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