The nine stages of blogging

There are around 65 million bloggers on WordPress – and god knows how many more that use other platforms. But no matter which one you use, it’s most likely that every single one of you go through the following nine stages (and if you don’t I bow down to you oh holy one):

1. Imagining your future as a famous, influential blogger #chuckwendig


2. Trying to design your blog and going through 50 templates before you find the one you like

 too many cats.gif

3. Publishing your introduction post and waiting for your very first comment

 cat pat.gif

4. Researching ‘how to blog’ and ‘why does everyone blog about cats’

checking response cat

5. When it hits you that attempting to blog three times a day could be an unrealistic expectation if you still want to #netflix & #chill


6. Accidentally publishing a half-finished post and hoping no one saw it

shocked cat.gif

7. Taking a short break from blogging only to come back 2 years later


8.Telling your friends and family that you have a blog and then getting embarrassed when they quickly find it


9. Reaching 100 followers and secretly knowing that you’ve finally made an impact on the world

 satisfied cat.gif

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