Why do you write?

Every writer likes to have a go at answering this (often personal) question at some point in their blogging career, and I suppose I’m no different. What brewing concoction of feelings and emotions do you experience when you put that marvellous brain to paper? And why on Earth do you keep writing, day after day, with no end in sight? I was recently catching up on Louise … Continue reading Why do you write?

The nine stages of getting trolled

There is something about the idea of ‘trolling’ that is just so innately relatable to cats. Perhaps it’s because cats take the power away from trolls, turning them into something infinitely more harmless. To all the trolls out there, so long and thanks for all the fish! 1. Your latest post has gone live on your website, and you sit in a corner, cheeks shining … Continue reading The nine stages of getting trolled

The Cool Kids of WordPress #2

You may remember I blogged about ‘The Cool Kids’ back in March of this year, which went on to spawn a terribly endearing group called the ‘Outcast’s Bloghouse’ created by my fellow Aussie writer, Jessica Bakkers, and of which I am a proud member. I could not help sharing this list with you again, especially as I’ve found a whole new collection of writing and author … Continue reading The Cool Kids of WordPress #2

What the hell is a ‘hybrid author’?

Yes, of course I poached Chuck Wendig’s brilliance from his article of the exact same name. But, to my credit, I did change my title slightly to reflect my amazing originality. In a similar fashion to Wendig (God I am a poacher today), when I first came across the term ‘hybrid author’ I pictured something a little less than normal. For me, it was a science fiction writer with wings, … Continue reading What the hell is a ‘hybrid author’?

Are writers born or made?

The whole ‘Are Writers Born or Made’ debate is still very much alive, and I thought I’d have a go at unwrapping this onion from the perspective of a writer who believes they are very much not “naturally talented” at writing. I’m not saying this to be humble or self-depreciating – I really wasn’t very proficient at writing when I was little. I remember quite vividly … Continue reading Are writers born or made?

What are the odds of getting published?

How many times have you plugged the question: ‘What are the odds of getting published?’ into google? Me – an innumerable amount. There is nothing more mesmeric than seeing that ‘magic’ number of new authors who manage to score a publishing deal or literary agent in any given year. And nothing gives more of a thrill of excitement than reading the Writer’s Digest ‘How I got My … Continue reading What are the odds of getting published?

The nine main stereotypes of writers

When most people picture a writer they imagine an intelligent but crazy bohemian hermit who spends their days addicted to caffeine in all its forms and dreaming up fantastical worlds and despicable murders.  It may shock some people to learn that some writers may enjoy going to the beach, love the sun, prefer to be outdoors, and actually, NO, they don’t know a single thing about how a … Continue reading The nine main stereotypes of writers

9 reasons why you should self-publish

I recently wrote a self-publishing guest post for indie author, Theresa Sopoko. I wrote the article in a bid to convince myself that self-publishing is the way to go. While everyone secretly wants to be published by one of the Big 5, I’ve finally begun to see that the advantages to self-publishing are actually pretty great (if you put in the hard yaka that is) – and what better way to demonstrate that than with a few cats thrown in for good measure!

Continue reading “9 reasons why you should self-publish”

The nine stages of #thewriterslife

There comes a time when every writer needs to step back and see what a #writerslife looks like from the outside – and yes it looks like cats.

Be warned, these stages can come in any order, you can be in the middle of number 6 when suddenly inspiration strikes and you’re back at number 1. Number 2 might not actually exist and number 9 can strike at any time.

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