Nine ways to cope with rejection

Rejection from agents and publishers that is, not from that guy you’ve had a crush on for years. Although, while we’re on that topic, if you’re looking for advice on how to cope with unrequited love, public humiliations and silent stalemates, I’m your girl! But let’s put all that aside, because today, it’s all about the query. That query. The one you sent three months ago. You’ve just … Continue reading Nine ways to cope with rejection

The nine stages of FINALLY finishing your story

Now that the end of Nanowrimo is coming up, I’m sure there will be plenty of writers who will be jumping up and down with joy when they reach that elusive 50k goal. Some may even finish their novels. And if you’re one of them? Well, cheers to you. I’m also hoping there are a few others out there like me who started Nanowrimo, quickly … Continue reading The nine stages of FINALLY finishing your story

Short Story: Two Weeping Willows

The body had stayed hidden under the gnarled root of a weeping willow tree for over a year. It was never supposed to be exposed, but the heavy rains of summer had shifted and pushed against the embankment until a huge chunk had given way, disturbing the resting place of some poor girl who had found herself murdered. At least that’s what Elizabeth Crawley had … Continue reading Short Story: Two Weeping Willows

What are the odds of getting published?

How many times have you plugged the question: ‘What are the odds of getting published?’ into google? Me – an innumerable amount. There is nothing more mesmeric than seeing that ‘magic’ number of new authors who manage to score a publishing deal or literary agent in any given year. And nothing gives more of a thrill of excitement than reading the Writer’s Digest ‘How I got My … Continue reading What are the odds of getting published?

Short Story: When Darkness Falls

The sliding glass doors closed behind me and I stepped out into the crisp autumn air, the warmth of the hospital foyer dissipating. I glanced up at the flashing neon sign of a red cross, shrugging my coat tighter over my shoulders in the face of the misty rain falling from the heavens.

Continue reading “Short Story: When Darkness Falls”

The nine main stereotypes of writers

When most people picture a writer they imagine an intelligent but crazy bohemian hermit who spends their days addicted to caffeine in all its forms and dreaming up fantastical worlds and despicable murders.  It may shock some people to learn that some writers may enjoy going to the beach, love the sun, prefer to be outdoors, and actually, NO, they don’t know a single thing about how a … Continue reading The nine main stereotypes of writers

Short Story: The Early Beach Runner

A splatter of sand across a bare cheek, the crush of firm hands on her neck and gulps of salty spray sliding down her throat. The last fragments of her identity wither and die, misfiring and grafting images of an early beach runner into her new reality. If she could reach backward and call him forth she would scream for him to save her, but … Continue reading Short Story: The Early Beach Runner

Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate

I am forced into stillness, unable to act as I watch the unbridled show of greed displayed so evidently on my friend’s face. The world thunders and growls in protest, my resolve weakening as I encounter the earth-shattering blindness that must consume her. Repeated images flicker in my mind’s eye, increasing in colour and severity until I can longer see anything but the object of … Continue reading Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate

Short Story: Kookaburra Singing

1 I’m in the car park. My dads message beeps noisily as I step through the automatic doors. An overwhelming slap of heat takes me by surprise. I spent many years living under the sweltering tropical overhead of the top end’s wet season, yet today its monsoonal envelope embraces my shoulders so completely that it startles me. Sweat gatheres underneath my tight cotton shirt and I shrug away the pooling … Continue reading Short Story: Kookaburra Singing