Short Story: When Darkness Falls

The sliding glass doors closed behind me and I stepped out into the crisp autumn air, the warmth of the hospital foyer dissipating. I glanced up at the flashing neon sign of a red cross, shrugging my coat tighter over my shoulders in the face of the misty rain falling from the heavens.

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Short Story: Kookaburra Singing

1 I’m in the car park. My dads message beeps noisily as I step through the automatic doors. An overwhelming slap of heat takes me by surprise. I spent many years living under the sweltering tropical overhead of the top end’s wet season, yet today its monsoonal envelope embraces my shoulders so completely that it startles me. Sweat gatheres underneath my tight cotton shirt and I shrug away the pooling … Continue reading Short Story: Kookaburra Singing