How did I grow my blog?

Wine, lots of wine. Preferably a light-bodied, unoaked Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, NZ. OK, but how did I really grow my blog? A few people have been asking me to answer this question via email and social media ever since I blogged about reaching 5,000 followers. I’d like to reassure you that while that number looks impressive, there is no need to get jealous. My blog doesn’t actually … Continue reading How did I grow my blog?

The nine different blogs that give you blogging envy

So I was perusing through Discover, when I came across The Well-Thumbed Reader and found her post on 9 Stressful Blogging Situations (And how to solve them). At one point Mikaela mentioned ‘blogging envy’, causing me to immediately remember all the different instances that I too, had faced a monster with eyes of a particular shade of green. Feeling jealous is often viewed as a … Continue reading The nine different blogs that give you blogging envy

The nine stages of accidentally publishing an article

It ignites terror in every blogger world-wide. That moment when you accidentally hit Publish instead of Save Draft or when you schedule an unedited blog post for the distant future, only to completely forget about it. SPOILER ALERT for any of you living under a pebble who have yet to watch Game of Thrones season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. So here are the nine stages… 1. … Continue reading The nine stages of accidentally publishing an article

The Cool Kids of WordPress

I’ve been collecting a list of WP bloggers with an insane amount of followers who focus primarily on writing. No doubt you’ve come across most, if not all of these writerly scholars who meander about WordPress, affecting us with their Hollywood connections, best seller success, dreamy wordiness or their delicately composed poems that touch on the otherworldly. The curiosity of cats dictates that we want … Continue reading The Cool Kids of WordPress

Short Story: When Darkness Falls

The sliding glass doors closed behind me and I stepped out into the crisp autumn air, the warmth of the hospital foyer dissipating. I glanced up at the flashing neon sign of a red cross, shrugging my coat tighter over my shoulders in the face of the misty rain falling from the heavens.

Continue reading “Short Story: When Darkness Falls”

When you are single and a romance writer 

A million to one unexpected things happened to me in 2016, but what I definitely didn’t expect was to still be single this February. I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m well into my late twenties and I’ve never been in love, so why did I think 2016 would be any different? Rather ironically, as you can tell from the title, I love to write about romance. So here I am, … Continue reading When you are single and a romance writer