The nine stages of trying to write poetry

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand deeply that the poetry struggle is real. It’s a galactic behemoth, and we but teeny, tiny atoms trying to navigate its interstellar medium: 1. You’ve read a beautiful poem that sings to your soul in such a way that you feel inspired to write your own. It was only three lines long, it can’t be that hard, can it? … Continue reading The nine stages of trying to write poetry

When you try to write instagram poetry

 I’m going on an Instagram craze at the moment, and have tried to write some ‘instapoems’ for my instagram @millyschmidt. WARNING – these are the first I’ve ever done so I hope they aren’t too atrocious. And just so you know, it’s summer in Australia, which is why some of my poems are all sun, surf & sand. I also thought I’d keep in theme with my blog and add a cat gif I think is most appropriate for each poem… lol #crazycatlady

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