The Hidden Sun Trilogy

Book #1 Mesmerise

1 Mesmerise.PNG

Bea Brightway has always felt like the quirky outsider in her small country town, so when a strange newcomer called Zale turns up, Bea is immediately drawn to him, much to the angst of her best friend Lewis.

Unable to help herself, Bea follows Zale to a secret, underground city that exists deep below the surface, a place filled with remarkable changelings called variants.

Bea thinks she’s finally found a place to call home, except Zale can’t stay in Hades and instead leaves her with his cold-hearted and cynical brother, Theon. Things only get more complicated for Bea when her friend Lewis turns up the underground city, having secretly followed her down.

And then there is that one thing Zale didn’t mention. Entering Hades comes with a price – once you enter, you can never leave.