I’m from the New England in Australia. Some bloggers mistakenly think I’m from the New England in the US, but I really don’t mind, any way to bond is fine by me!

I fancy myself as a writer, and while I would love to litter this page with my recent Big Five publishing deals and esteemed writing accomplishments, I’m afraid I don’t have any. Instead, my blog is filled with the many trials and tribulations of the #writerslife, as well as the often painful and embarrassing writer-situations I have found myself in.

My number one policy (I promise) is honesty, which is why I need to warn you ASAP that while I usually attempt to act all serious like, my posts often dissolve into cat-gif puddles of goo. If you don’t like cats, that’s OK, I have a dog too, so we can still be friends.


Me, on a good day (I’m on the right)

Feel free to say hi in the comment section below, I love to have a chat!

And if you would like to stalk me, you can find me @ Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and I’m also on Goodreads!


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  1. Hi Milly, I am glad that you stopped at my blog today. Welcome to My Country Epoque. Lovely to have you. Join my team of followers. They are all great. I am happy you are here and I returned the favour. I love your blog. I am still awake over here pas almost 4 am. I will come back and have a look at your blog. too tired and going to bed!


  2. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to reading yours!!

    I tend to be very random! And I tend to not be on here as much as I would like. I have menieres disease which keeps me from having a real job. And my two poetry books on Amazon have not sold too well (not surprising) so I have an Etsy store that I run to keep me busy and to make a little money while writing ideas linger in the back of my head!

    Hope all is well! Take care! And I look forward to learning more about you!

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  3. Hi Milly.
    I appreciate your like and thank you for following my blog. Since I being new into writing any feedback from your end would be highly appreciated.
    And honestly I wouldn’t be able to relate to cats but since you have a dog as well, then its awesome.. 🙂 🙂

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  4. Hi Milly. Thanks for your support. After weeks thinking about to write a short story in English by first time, I was bold enough to do it and left behind an ocean of doubts. And there, on the shore of a new land, you found me. I will always remember you for that. Best wishes with your writing. Hope you get published.

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    1. Cats have so much more personality than people give them credit for – and when I say people, I mean ‘dog lovers’ haha. I just followed your blog again (I had an issue with my website where I couldn’t follow anyone, so wordpress reset me haha). I really love your poems! I wish I could write so beautifully, but I’m afraid poetry is a skill that’s always eluded me haha

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      1. I know, I freaken adore cats! And thank you so much for your kind words! I love your blog, just finished reading another one of your articles and let me tell you, writing such cool articles is a skill that has always eluded ME. But keep up the hard work, I can’t wait to read more articles by you!!!


  5. Oh, my word! I just read your description of your Mesmerize book, and was surprised to find mention of the Undergrounders. I have a people group in my book of the same name, also living underground! I’m self-published on Amazon. Apparently we think alike. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Hmmmm.

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  6. Hi Milly! Thanks so much for liking a couple of my posts today and then choosing to follow me! 🙂 I’ve read some of your posts as well and have really enjoyed them! Looking forward to reading more.

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  7. I SO get what you’re saying about dreaming about outdoorsy things but never actually doing them! I think I love being outside, and then I step out the door and *bam* I get swarmed by a bunch of bugs and I think, “What am I doing?” lol

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  8. Hi Milly,, appreciate your visit to my Blog..Just started and I noticed from your Blog that I still have a lot to achieve..will go for it…
    By the way, i liked the cats in your blog…how about getting a Canary there? then you will see the real action..Just Joking.

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  9. hi millie, thanks for the follow. you have joined a select few! nice blog BTW – ill have a look during my day off.
    ps – i have a cat that thinks it’s a dog! where do i fit in?

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  10. Hello from India!! First of all, thank you so much for taking interest in my recent blog post and following my blog. Second of all, I love cats too! Sadly I don’t have one as a pet. So, I’ll probably come around, stalk you and look at Sven quite a few times😊😹.
    Thank you once again Milly and hope we continue to see each other through our blogs. 😄

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  11. Hi there Milly 🙂

    I found your blog through OM’s and I’m really happy I clicked by!! I’m a cat person too, and Freja, who graciously lets me house her as long as I stay true to the Garfield’s Oath (“Love me, leave me, never leave me!”) is my little princess. Aside feeding, petting and leaving the best sleeping spots to my furball, I take care of The Cove, a convenience blog where I publish all kinds of things, including the occasional contribution of Her Highness 😉

    Here’s an example of that, if you want to check it out 😉 (don’t be confused by the title… There’s a lot of silly stuff in The Cove, but nothing inconvenient, I think 😛 )


    I’ll be looking forward for your future posts 🙂

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  12. Hi Milly, I really like your blog and you seem to have a great personality, too. I love the cat angle, as well. I was a dog person for years, had two big dogs for over a decade until they both passed from old age, then somehow I acquired two cats that needed homes. Now, I find that I’m a cat person, too 🙂 Thank you for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around.

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    1. Cats always seem to find us when we least expect it. I love that you are now a cat person too! Some people can’t believe that you can be both at the same time 🙂 I think it means we pretty much sit on the fence, watching the cat failing to catch a bird on one side, while the dog rolls around in the grass (with something disgusting) on the other!
      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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  13. My greetings fro the Mediterranean. First, I would like to thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate it. and, second, I would like to ask if you could read this post https://chaabaanov.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/my-evs-motivation-letter/ and tell me what you think. i wrote a motivation letter for the EVS vacancy in France the post that you liked and i would be glad if you can give me some feedback.
    Wissem Chaabane 🙂

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