Ask the Blogger: Did Your Blog Make You Famous?

There are many popular and well-known bloggers out there, but how many gained fame from their blog? Can you name any? Who are your favourites?

Chuck Wendig, is, of course, my favourite blogger of all time. If you haven’t hit up terribleminds yet, I recommend you do so immediately. I don’t even know how long I’ve been following his blog, although I do remember clearly the day he kindly contributed to my first Ask The Blogger article. Such a champ. I haven’t been brave enough to ask him to contribute again. I think I’ll just leave things how they are.

I’m also a huge fan of Mark Manson and have been since before his books gained traction. I was like a proud parent the day I found his first novel, The Subtle Art of Not Giving F*ck, on the shelf of my local bookstore (unfortunately a friend damaged the first edition I bought that day). I don’t have a comment from Mark Manson to share with you today either. If I’m being honest, I didn’t even ask him, not wanting to receive radio silence from a blogger I admire, which happens quite often as you can imagine. Yes, I am a wuss.

A lovely, eclectic bunch of bloggers answered my call this time round – so happy reading folks!


A little, I guess? I’m invited to speak on panels and at events in a way I wouldn’t be if I were not running the blog. I have readers who have been reading my blog for years, and I guess to them, I am “famous”. However, I am really uncomfortable with the idea of being famous for my blog: when I created my blog, I wanted the blog – not me – to take centre-stage. I wanted it to be a community space. To that end, the fact that some readers really enjoy the blog and see it as a safe space to pursue conversations around Asian American identity is gratifying; but, I don’t think I’ve done anything to warrant any kind of fame.

~ Jennifer Fang, creator of Reappropriate


Nope! But that was not why I wrote a blog, so that’s fine.

~ John Scalzi, creator of Whatever

Benjamin Wild

My blog has certainly increased the reach of my work. The writing on my blog has also been spotlighted by my host, WordPress, which has resulted in increased traffic to my site. Some of the comments and emails that I receive through my blog suggest that my work has really resonated with some people, which is genuinely heartening, but I am not sure I could convincingly say it has made me ‘famous’. That said, the exposure my blog has provided makes me realise the value and importance of having an online space to showcase personal work and thoughts, and I shall certainly keep investing the effort and look forward to seeing what results!

~ Benjamin Wild, creator of Benjamin Wild [Musings on Cultural History ~ Clothing, Chiefly]

Ann Foster

I think if you have a strong point of view and truly love your subject matter, you can absolutely become successful as a blogger (or Youtuber, or author, or artist, etc.) which can sometimes mean you’re famous to at least some people.

~ Ann Foster, writer 

Little Fears

I’m not famous. Just sexy asf with bags of confidence. That’ll do me.

~ Peter Edwards, creator of Little Fears

Emily Contois

Oh goodness, I don’t think so, but the blog has made me a bit more well known in my corner of academia. One of the most satisfying outcomes of blogging has been how my writing and resources have been helpful to folks working to gain admission into universities to study food at the master’s or PhD level. Receiving notes from these readers and learning how the blog made a difference in their lives and careers means more to me than any sort or degree of fame.

~ Emily Contois, creator of Emily Contois

A Writer’s Path

As much as I’d like to say yes, I’d have to say no. But within certain circles, it’s possible to be underground famous with a very popular blog. If that’s your goal, keep at it!

~ Ryan Lanz, creator of A Writer’s Path

Daily Echo

Not at all… though I have been recognised in the street on the odd occasion. On the other hand, my dog is an international celebrity. Her ‘Notes from a Small Dog’ always go down well when she publishes them. She sells far more books than I do, is instantly recognised and gets all the fan mail…

~ Sue Vincent, creator of Daily Echo


Depends on how you describe famous 😉 Thanks to our blog most people in the “cat world” in the UK know me. Even in other countries, I bump into people that are super excited to meet Iain and myself. In fact, our most memorable moment was bumping into someone from Japan that we didn’t even know was following our blog. She was so excited to met us and wanted photos taken with us! 😀

~ Marc-André Runcie-Unger, founder & blogger at Katzenworld

HarsH ReaLiTy

No. In my daily life, I am another shadow walking among shadows.

~ Opinionated Man, creator of HarsH ReaLiTy

Hugh’s Views & News

No, and to be honest, I can’t even think of a famous blogger. Many authors have blogs, as this is a great way to connect with your readers and to also market your books. However, only a very small percentage of bloggers probably become famous because of their blogging. You have to have all the right ingredients to blog successfully and, even then, there’s no guarantee it will make you famous.

There are some famous bloggers within the blogging world, but only famous to other bloggers and, probably, only because of the number of followers that blogger may have. Here’s another fact about that though – ‘Only 20% of your followers will probably ever read and comment on some of your blog posts.’ So, just because a blogger has thousands of followers, it does not mean that all those followers will ever come to visit.

~ Hugh W. Roberts, creator of Hugh’s Views & News

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

My blog did NOT make me famous, haha! I’m still very much a small-time indie author.

~ Kent Wayne, creator of Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Richard Ankers

Not quite.

~ Richard M. Ankers, creator of Richard M. Ankers

Myths of the Mirror

Only in my own mind, Milly. Ha ha. Fame is relative, right? Honestly, I’m just another bozo on the bus in the big blog world, but I have all these amazing friendships that make me feel loved.

~ D. Wallace Peach, creator of Myths of the Mirror

Photo by Alizee Marchand from Pexels

If you have any other questions you would like answered by the bloggers, please shoot me an email, or alternatively, comment below! 

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10 thoughts

  1. It felt amazing while reading this. I am newbie at this blog world. Can you suggest me some good bloggers to whom I can look up to?


  2. Sometimes people in crowded waiting rooms, whom I don’t know, look at me with that look on their face that says: “Where have I this ugly git before?” I like to think it’s the blog; but more likely its a state of extreme startlement (new word there) caused by the sight of my wayward (and thinning) hair and appalling dress sense. But one day someone is going to ask: “Are you Tooty Nolan?” To which I will reply: “Yes – indeed I am. Which breast would you prefer I autograph?”


  3. No,not famous but I’m starting to attract bigger names for my interview series. And I’m quite happy with that as I think most of us are. We’re writing for the joy of it I suspect,right?


  4. Interesting post, Milly. I recognize some of the bloggers you mention above, but only those I follow or who follow me. Fame is such a nebulous thing. If you are not a film buff, it’s probable you won’t know some of the famous film names. If you like reading Scifi, you will know the names of many authors in that genre, but a reader of historical fiction would look blankly at those names.
    The same goes for blogs. People know the names of the bloggers who write what they are interested in.


  5. Like Hugh, I cannot really think of bloggers who became famous. It might be because I am not really looking, anyway. More often it’s famous people who start blogs, not the other way around.

    But you know what? I think that we all are somewhat famous. How could you, in the real world, present your work to thousands of people? It’s not an easy thing. People might not recognize you on the street, but when you post, people scream: “Milly!”. Definitely famous.

    Liked by 2 people

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