Nine Reasons Why Your Cat Loves You

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, cats love their hoomans. I totally even read about this study which proved that a cat’s brain undergoes some kinda chemical change (a.k.a love) when they see their owners. Don’t ask me for a link to the study to verify my statements, because I can’t remember exactly where or when I read about it, only that I did. Trust me, everyone, it was a real study!!

Now there are plenty of articles going on about how cats show affection, you know purring, blinking, gifting, kneading etc… but how many articles out there use cat GIFS to illustrate exactly why your cat loves you?

I thought I’d like to give it a crack and guess why your cats love you so much. It’s a no brainer to love me of course, but what exactly are your cats thinking??

Nine Reasons Why Your Cat Possibly, Probably, Loves you

1. You are literally the hand that feeds them, and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that food is the way to Mr Snuffaluffagus’ heart

cat vampire


2. They think you might actually be a pillow. But don’t worry because they sure do love their pillows! (But honestly be careful, it’s a cat claw world out there).

cat craxy bed


3. Cats love you even more during winter because you know, warmth.

cat head.gif


4. You provide them with endless play, even at 1am in the morning…

sleeping cat.gif


5. Hoomans give good cuddles and scratches and hugs and kisses

hugging cat


6. You become a mythical human statue when they sit on your lap. No moving until kitty moves, not even if you need to pee



7. You clean up their s*** every day and how can a cat not love you for that? Unless the dog gets in there first, and in that case, I suppose your cat will love your dog more, which is a good thing, trust me.

cat attack.gif


8. You give them plenty of attention. You legit even follow them around the house crying out kitty, kitty, come here! Kitty… COME. HERE. I LOVE YOU! Even if their real name is Snuffaluffagus the Third of his Name



9. They know that you love them. It’s like a psychic connection. When you look into their eyes, and they look into yours… you just know that there’s love there.


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  1. Just an amazing and fun CAT post. I am a Cat Lover too that got in a wee little Tango with one of my Kitty’s that landed me in the hospital … But? It’s All Good! I am healing and I STILL LOVE My Mr. Boots! I had no clue until this experience that CAT Bites are very dangerous. Catherine

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  2. Firstly, I find the GIFs you used entertaining. I wanted to have them played over and over again. Haha.

    We actually have a cat at home they you are right, they love cuddles and hugs.


  3. This is hilarious! 😀 Cats are the best. #1 made me laugh – looking at kitty licking lips before biting mama.

    I definitely believe that our cats love us in a way science will never be able to discover. Much the same way as their intelligence. Thanks Milly 🙂


  4. My boyfriend bought mine as a gift. And honestly I couldn’t be happier to have this little fur ball but the slowly she is turning into a lil doggo . we play fetch (when ofcourse she feels like it) , she bites. but we OFCOURSE love the LIFE OUT OF HER !!!!!!!!


  5. I’ve always subscribed to the theory the cat thinks we must be their long-lost mommy. We pick them up and carry them arbitrary places, we sometimes bop them when all they’re doing is being themselves, we’re the big, warm ones they go to when they need a warming cuddle, and look at all the time we spend grooming them. (What we call petting, the cat thinks is social grooming. You think they like their ears scratched, they think they’re getting their ears cleaned.)
    Then, of course, we have the cat who sometimes expresses her fierce, feral hunter persona by stalking me, staring at me, sometimes even pouncing for the catch. That, I can’t explain, unless it’s because she suspects we’re not her mommy after all. That makes us imposters, and fair game.

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    1. Yes, I think you’ve nailed it- I used to call my male cat ‘baby Vampire’ because he would try and suck on my neck, as well as my long hair. He probably left his real mommy little too early.


  6. Nice post Milly. My mom has adopted many cats over the years, even keeping a few alive til they were 20, 21 and 22. Never had one of my own but they can be very adorbs. And also the biggest shits. We had dogs too so I like both, like a good uncle, I can pass them back. Will be petsitting an Aussie cattle dog and some chickens for 10 days, actually. We’ll see who’s the boss. Thanks for the fun post! – A Dude Abikes

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  7. Great post and so much to think about. Cats only purr for humans- so of course, they love us. ( I think!) Our male cat races down the driveway to greet us whenever we have been out and come home. For some reason, male cats seem more affectionate than female cats- I know that is a generalisation but it is also my experience.

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  8. That was brilliant. I would add that my cat also loves me because I pick her up and show her the windows she can’t reach, LOL. The GIFs in this were great. My favorites are the mythical human statue and the dog!

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  9. I’m a dog person. This got me wondering if a cat knows the difference between owner and cat. But I do admit there is a connection. I don’t know if its s*** collector, food dispenser, objects to be climbed at least once per day, a furry clock (Yes, I know its 1 AM but I’m hungry.), etc. We give a lot to the cat ( and tolerate a lot more ) but what do we humans get out of this arrangement?

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  10. Hahaha! That is such a funny post and the GIFs were perfect. There’s also one anime series that some friends told me about called My Roommate is a Cat which is about a writer who adopts a stray Tuxedo cat.

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