How often should you blog?

Coming straight off from my blog last week about 9 Tips for curing bloggers block, I wanted to explore exactly how often you should blog – in an advisory capacity of course!

One thing I’ve learned on this blogging journey of mine is that everyone is different and every blog is different, therefore, one size does not fit all. However, if you want to avoid burnout and bloggers block, it may be a good idea to reconsider exactly what you post and how often.

How often should you blog?

Blogging multiple times a day

I have never (and probably will never) blog every day, let alone multiple times a day. I have no clue how some bloggers, working independently, manage to push out 2-3 blogs a day (this does not include reblogs).

Someone dropped by my blog the other day boasting about how much traffic their blog was getting despite having only a small number of subscribers. When I checked, I noticed they were blogging about six times a day. For reals!

In my opinion, the quality of your blog will suffer considerably if you copy the aforementioned blogger unless you outsource your articles or are a full-time blogger. Personally, I’d much rather focus on building a community than getting better stats. I think cultivating a good reputation is far more valuable than getting stats + money.

I have to mention that there are certain situations where multiple posts a day are important, even called for. I’m talking about news and/or entertainment blogs. If you manage one of those, then go for it! I’m impressed.


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Blogging every day 

I’ve always heard that quality over quantity is key if you want to build a successful blog. The last thing in the world you’d want is to spam your readers with SEO duds – you’ll lose subscribers with little to no reward. You absolutely risk doing this if you blog every day. No one wants to have their email or news feed inundated with low-rate articles!

If you do insist on blogging every day, the secret is writing quality articles that will stop your subscribers from hitting the ‘unfollow’ button. You will also want to focus your energy on generating outside (organic) traffic.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. I am by far not an expert on SEO, so please digest my tips with a pinch of scepticism. However, I do have a very simple beginners trick you can use to improve your SEO. When writing a blog post, think of a unique search term people are likely to use through a search engine. Once you figure out your search term, you need to put it in:

1) the title of your article

2) at least one heading designated by ‘h’

3) at least two times in the body text

4) the title of your images

I did this for one of my articles by accident, Submitting Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers. This article continues to perform exceptionally well and is currently getting 10-15 organic views a day (for me, that’s a lot!) It drives most of my traffic!


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Blogging 2-3 times a week and why it works

Blogging no more than 2-3 times a week is my happy medium and I believe it’s the main reason why my blog has grown. That being said, I don’t always follow the 2-3 times a week rule – as you may have noticed!

The point I’m trying to throw at you: when there’s minimal pressure to push out content, you’ll have plenty of time to come up with interesting content and plan your SEO accordingly.

Your readers will love you for it and will be able to recognise immediately when you’ve put a bit of time and effort into your articles, just as they’ll recognise when you haven’t. Trust me, they will.

Here are some tips for creating engaging blogs that will have readers coming back for more:

1) Hook them with an interesting title (but no clickbait!)

2) Include high-quality stock photos from sites such as pexels or pixabay

3) Use headings, bullet points and small paragraphs to break up the text

4) Create content that is interesting, engaging and relevant for your subscribers. I.e. They didn’t sign up for a food blog, they signed up for a writing-centric blog!

5) Editing! You can use a free program such as Grammarly to ensure your posts will not send your readers insane because of too many typos and poor grammar

There is no way in the world I would have the time to do all of the above if I was blogging seven times a week!


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Ad hoc blogging? Consistency is key

When I first started blogging, I did so in a completely random pattern, ranging anywhere from two times a week to two times a month! I wrote when I was inspired and most often than not… I wasn’t inspired. If you do decide to blog once or twice a month, I recommend you keep your blogs consistent so your readers know when to expect a post – and that you haven’t completely abandoned them aka. dropped off the face of the planet.

I’m currently working on setting some realistic goals and a blogging timeline. Hopefully, this will help me to improve both the quality and content of my posts. If I overextend myself (as you have seen happen in the past), I tend to burn out and disappear! Blogging in an ad hoc manner also leaves me uninspired and listless – I like making plans 😉

Since returning from my most recent blogging siesta, I have decided I will be blogging two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Choosing two specific days during the week to blog has really helped me be more consistent. I absolutely recommend you do the same!


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Only have time to blog on weekends?

If you’re like me and have a full-time job, you can always write and schedule your posts ahead. I often write my articles on the weekend and schedule my blogs a month in advance. It’s just how I like to work.

Let me make it clear, this does not mean I write all eight articles ahead of time! Instead, I brainstorm my topics and then carefully plan when I’ll be sharing them. More often than not, my drafts contain nothing but a solitary title. This article you are currently reading was first started three months ago, but edited 10 minutes before it was published! I like to live dangerously. 

Flexibility is my favourite part about blogging, so you’re just as likely to find me planning special blogs months in advance or writing them on the fly! That’s the best part about blogging in my opinion, the freedom to express yourself when and how often you like. However, I will definitely be attempting to align this freedom of expression with a schedule so I can avoid any future blog siestas (scheduled freedom? lol).

Anyway, please do let me know if you have a strict schedule for posts or if you prefer to dabble in loose expression – I’m super curious now!

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  1. I don’t know what to believe anymore. sometimes I think some of these “blog advice” is just rubbish. I’ve blogged so much that I fell victim to “blogger burnout!” The truth of the matter is, it is incredibly difficult now (in this day and age) to promote yourself. The algorithms on all social media, ie, facebook, twitter, etc, have grossly changed for the worse. It’s virtually impossible to get seen unless you pay a whole lot of money for ads. The old ways just doesn’t work anymore. To be quite blunt, I no longer believe in Google. Google is not the way to go. It’s best to promote yourself on social media, but you’ll have to spend a lot of money for a single click (no matter how good your site is).


  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your ideas.. I usually blog whenever I want because now I am new but now I am deciding to block on tuesdays and thursdays or wednesdays and saturdays.


  3. Just a bit of an update if you are interested…I took a lot of your guidance in this article on board and I seem to have found my way in terms of style, content and timing in my blogging…thanks again for sharing your’s really helpful. If you have time do visit my blog and any constructive criticism most welcome 😁

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  4. Your thoughts blogging frequency makes a lot of sense. I have been looking for the balance between being burned out and interesting on one side and staying fresh on the other side. Regarding your SEO comment. I like using to find out great key words. Although just looking at google’s suggested search terms and autocomplete works too.

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  5. Awesome! I read through the entire thing. Right now, I’m getting like 4-7 organic traffic a day and it’s my 5th month. I feel like I’m at a slow paste.

    Sometimes I avoid using keywords (which I shouldn’t) to make my blog run smoother.

    Do you have any advice?
    How many articles and words do you have total?

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  6. Thank you … are a star and my hero of the day and are the answer to my blogging improvement plan!
    You have given so much guidance in this post, I am now brimming with enthusiasm…and also realising a lot of the gaffes I have been making. Oooops…. anyway early days. One question on the the search engine stuff…. why is a letter h needed?

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  7. Milly, I am SUCH a random blogger, it’s not even funny! Thanks for this thorough and sweet reminded that I should be a little more consistent and organized about my posts!

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  8. That’s great advice. I’ve literally just started my own blog for cat lovers and feel so out of my depth. I’m a complete novice where blogging is concerned. I only plan to blog twice a week also. As you said, it’s about consistency and having good solid content to publish. I’ve been doing so much reading and this is definitely one of the best articles I’ve read thus far. Thank you.

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  9. Thank you for trying out blogging attempts and sharing your experience with each of them. At the moment mine has been ad-hoc and feels listless and after reading this I will get down to blogging regularly (I.e.weekends)

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  10. I used to blog nearly every day when I first started blogging, thanks to the Daily Post’s daily writing prompts. At the beginning of this year, I cut it down to two posts a week. I was consistent with this new routine until March when life suddenly got in the way.

    I got into college, started some part-time jobs, and engaged in some other activities that deny me the time to write quality blog posts. I feel terrible that I started well this year but might end it poorly, from the looks of things.
    I hope I recover soon.

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  11. I really enjoyed this article. I blog once a week myself (and sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to come up with quality content keeping to that schedule). I did notice, when I went through my poem a day series for Poetry Month, that I was getting more views and readers but it just isn’t fesible to keep up with on a normal basis for me. Once a week seems to be the perfect amount of posts for me. 😊

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  12. This is very interesting! To anyone who ever followed my blog, it would seem I have dropped off the radar completely. It is not even writer’s block. I don’t know what it is and I’m hoping I can pick it up again sooner rather than later. I appreciate what Inge says in the comment above mine.

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  13. I try to blog daily, but I agree that being spammy sucks. If I feel like I don’t have a post ready, I’d rather miss a day than submit trash.

    Another thing is if I can’t post, I try to comment a few more times than I usually would. You can find your friends’ blogs and comment si theg know you’re still around!

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  14. I don’t have any blogging schedule, so I write and publish blog posts as and when I like. However, this usually means I publish about 2 to 3 times a week (generally on weekdays Mon – Thurs). Sometimes that may drop to once a week, and occasionally I have published more than three blog posts in a week. As you say, quality should always outshine and be more critical than quantity. Oh, and I never publish more than one post a day.

    However, it’s a personal choice. The only schedules I dislike are those bloggers who publish blog posts in clusters within a short period and then publish nothing for days. It’s a sure way of getting me to press the ‘unfollow’ button.

    You’ve stumbled upon a great topic which I am sure many bloggers will want to participate in, Milly.

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  15. I’m finally sticking to my blogging schedule this year which is making me so accountable! I relate to a lot of the things that you shared like how you were editing 10 minutes before your post was published. Since the blogging schedule gives me a deadline, sometimes like yesterday, I almost went to sleep without editing a post that was scheduled the next day during my full-time job 😊 Good thing I remembered and took some minutes to read over it and make the changes.

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  16. Ad hoc is my current style, which works yet it doesn’t – as you know. I like the idea about blogging on the weekend and scheduling the posts. My blog is photography and writing, so it would help me to provide quality, consistent content to abide by a schedule. Loved the post – lots of great things to think about and try!

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  17. When I began my blog it was very ad hoc as well and like you, I ran into the same issue of not finding much inspiration. I began blogging more regularly when I started writing posts about training for my 2nd half marathon and that helped me to find more of a groove though I still didn’t have a set schedule. In December I made it a goal to blog once per week to hold myself accountable and it’s worked so far. I tend to blog on Sat. or Sun. but always publish on Sun. to keep it consistent.

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  18. I agree, Millie, Daily and multi daily posts do not engage me as much as a once or twice a week. I just don’t have that much to say.

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  19. I blog about twice per month. I don’t make any money off my blog, so I don’t feel a need to “get the job done.” About every two weeks keeps me interested in the blog without stressing me out about it.

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  20. Like you, i work full time so blog on weekends and evenings. I am so glad that two or three times a week is enough because I wouldn’t be able to manage any more than that. Thanks for the referral to Pexels and Pexabay. I also use Canva which a pretty good, too.

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  21. I used to blog every day because I didn’t see my blog as something that would continue long term, so I had a “Make the most of it while it lasts” attitude. 4 years on and I am still here (because my cat, the subject matter of my blog, continues to do stupid and blogworthy things), so now I have eased up and I blog a maximum of 3 times a week, usually fewer. It’s tempting to do more, and my cat certainly does enough stupid things to warrant a daily blog, but I feel that even decent content can be overkill if produced too frequently.

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  22. I aim for once a day. But to the nature of my blog, I have a lot of different topics I blog about. A lot of these I have thought about before or done the research on other platforms. WordPress is new to me so it’s great having a new platform to share some of my research. I aim for 1000 words daily. So, one post daily just to keep practicing. I focus on different areas but mainly general health and “lifestyles” advice. Now that I’m doing a fitness challenge, I have a bit more content to work with. Weekly goals, etc. I

    I think everyone just needs to find what works for them. I am finding that Wednesdays and Sundays are my most popular days so I have to remember those times and post something brilliant.

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  23. Oh, I blog late Mon, Wed, Fri. But have been delaying some til early the next morning, which I think may be better, but I don’t know. I haven’t done any promotion on social media (still don’t have it), I have Google Analytics but no clue how to use it, and no SEO. I don’t even tag most posts. I need to learn which I can through a Problogger class I got a deal on but haven’t started. How did you learn, Millie? And just which spelling is.correct?

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  24. Aww, that’s so sweet! My mother reads mine and comments but forgets it’s supposed to be anonymous (well, it was til a certain lovrly Aussie outed me to her 9,000 fans! JK, I know the article did that if people followed that link). My mom stopped.commenting although I have editing privilege her name gives it away. Point is, it’s great that your mum is part of your blog. That would be cool if she started one, too.

    (Hi Millie’s mum! Your daughter is the cats pajamas, or meow,.or meowing.pajamas!)

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  25. Gosh Millie I am so impressed with your writing and knowledge about blogs – I seriously have to get my ‘Coffee and Antiques’ blog going – I will need to re read your articles and have a few face to face sessions – lots of love mum xxxoo

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    1. I love that you’re going with “Coffee and Antiques” – my first blog was called Coffee, Chocolate and Writing haha. You can totally make me an administrator for your blog at first if you like mum – I’ll show you the ropes and give you a head start x

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  26. As you so wisely noted “everyone is different and every blog is different, therefore, one size does not fit all” there are no set rules. But I’ve been blogging for almost ten years and I’m going to share what I’ve learned. First of all, I’m not into blogging like others are. I’m not the compulsive poster who thinks the world will end if I ** don’t ** post something. I post once a week or when I feel like it. You are in charge. The minute a blog feels like a job or simply becomes unenjoyable is the time to either stop for a while (rest) or stop completely. Don’t get obsessed with building a mailing list or amassing a billion subscribers. I write because I enjoy it. I not looking for 9,000 subscribers. I only have 55 and I really don’t mind. If people enjoy what you do that’s great! I write, I enjoy it and if something I wrote puts a smile on your face I’m fine with that.😊

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  27. This is such an interesting post! My goal is to up my blog posts from one a week to two – two seems manageable for me between work and everyday life and just how long it sometimes takes me to write. Sometimes a blog post can take weeks to finish, sometimes it can take ten minutes. Ideally they would all take ten minutes, but there we go! I managed to post regularly in October last year and found it was like a creative snowball – the more I wrote, the more ideas I had. I would definitely like to get that snowball rolling again! Love all the cat pics 🙂

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  28. I’m writing a serial story on my blog. So, I try to post at least once a day. I’m kind of addicted to writing this story, which makes posting once a day an easy goal to keep. Sometimes, however, I get on a mad crazy writing streak and will post at least two or three times a day.

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  29. I don’t have a schedule though I keep thinking I should impose one on myself. I admire people who have structured releases — they’ll post a helpful blog on Monday, a photo on Tuesday, a guest blog on Wednesday, etc.

    Sometimes I’ll post as many as 3 or 4 times a week, but that’s only occasionally. I try to post at least once a week, but that doesn’t always work — I went through a patch last year where I only posted once or twice a month and I had to rouse myself because I knew if I started slacking too much, that would become a habit that might be fatal to my blog.

    I try to be all about quality over quantity. I’ve rushed out blogs and ended up not being happy with them. Now, I’ll take my time to get it just right and I won’t post something (well, usually) just to get something out there. I have about 60 posts I’ve got sitting in draft form (many are just a few words) that either didn’t make the cut or are just skeletal ideas I captured and will flesh out later. Throwing ideas into a blog and saving as a draft really helps me out.

    Now, I try to post between Monday and Thursdays. I avoid the weekends, usually, as people are busy. Even though my days vary when I post, I do try to post around the same time of day. I can’t say it’s particularly scientific, but I usually post around 11 pm my time. That way my friends in Europe see it when it’s morning for them. Then when I get to work the next day, I post a link to the blog post on Facebook around 9 am so my FB followers (mostly American) can read it.

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    1. Quick note: I violated my normal posting procedure as far as time — I posted ten hours earlier than I normally do and it had an interesting effect. Now, it could be coincidental (it is a very small sample size, after all), but while I got a fair amount of casual traffic, a lot of my regulars never stopped by. I’m definitely going back to posting at a set time!


  30. I really needed this article. I have been on a siesta for MONTHS and feel bad about it. I have a few different blogs though one of them is for reviews which I should be better at but with two little ones it always is in the back burner. Setting it up for at least once a week shouldn’t be hard and from what I have seen posting on Thursday is best.

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  31. It depends, for me. I often blog once a day, and rarely more than once a day. I’d rather write the blog post out and save it to draft for a day when I have no topic in mind to blog about. 🙂

    I love quality blogs. I take the time to like or comment on them when I see them, time permitting. But for me, reading is part of writing/blogging so one goes with the other. If you find me commenting on your blog post it’s because I took some time out to dedicate to my community. This is more important to me than stats. 🙂

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  32. Great article.

    I try to post at least once a week, but when I am able to post multiple times a week, it would either be due to me publishing a short fiction, or probably sharing something from my life.

    Consistency is key, and content is king. Even if you blog a few times a month, if your content is searcheable, traffic will flow.

    Thank you for the article.

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  33. For the last few months, I am at three times per week (Tue/Fri/Sun) between 12:00 and 14:00 Berlin time, though I am considering going down to twice per week for the summer. There are posts made almost on the spot (the day I post them) and posts I have in concept for a while (I’ve mentioned the plan to write a series of posts on various aspects of character death in writing in February and I’ve actually drafted these posts in April but they won’t be posted sooner than in early summer, after the four “seasonal inspiration” posts).

    Also, WordPress’ conversion to block editor broke Grammarly addon for Firefox 😦 so the past few weeks were done without it.

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  34. Interesting article. I think for those of us who are older sometimes it comes down to a time management issue. I try not to write novels. My old blog writers view of the world that I had for a long time got to be depressing for me in many ways. This new one I’m enjoying more because it’s more true to me. There are certain hot topics ( politics etc.) that I won’t go near in a post. I have my own personal guide to it. Whenever a woman chicks on my blog I want them to know that they don’t have to be concerned about being hit with inappropriate content.

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  35. I used to blog 3 times a week at fixed dates for 2,5 years and that worked really well for me but then I went on vacation and after I returned I couldn’t find my mojo and my appealing consistent blocks were not longer there.. I’ve let go and try to blog every week but one, two or three times.. you just never know :-). Keeps my followers on their toes too haha! Great and interesting blogpost, I’m always curious to see how others see this!

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