What a $20 gift voucher can get you from Booktopia

While my blog often harks on about how much I want to be a published author, it probably doesn’t go into too much depth on how much I love to read. I was always a reader first, writing came later.

I was never content as a little kid unless I had a book in my hands, and let’s just say that everyone noticed. When I was about 10, my wonderful sisters transformed the ‘I shot the Sherif’ song into this:

‘I shot the Milly, but I did not shoot the book she read.’

Thanks guys, love ya.

I will usually have a go at reading pretty much anything, though I do prefer to read romance (of all genres!), true stories and psychological thrillers. It’s always been my intention to throw a couple of book reviews up here, but to be honest, it’s not really my forte. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I generally suck at it. I promise I’ll spare you that pain (although I have included three mini book reviews for you below).

Being on a tight budget these days, I usually don’t buy new books that often, yet I managed to haul in three books from Booktopia in 2017 using a $20 gift voucher, a free shipping promo (seriously, Google is awesome for those) and some well-timed Booktobervest savings.

Wait… did I say 2017!?

Yes folks, it’s taken me THIS LONG TO READ THEM. In my defence, my ‘to read’ pile is currently 30 books high. And a co-worker just gave me another book yesterday! I’m afraid I will never ever Kondo my books. I love them all too much.

The important question, where did I get my hands on a $20 gift voucher? From none other than the lovely Australian author Louise Allan over at Writers in the Attic, after she accepted my essay submission on what writing means to me.

Here are the books I bought:

1. Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun – $2.95

black moon.jpg

Honestly, a $3 paperback? The cover initially drew me in, then I read the blurb, and I was like ‘I’m in!’

Waiting the required five days for shipping was torture. When it arrived, I was pleased to see that the cover was as shocking in person as it was online.

And the story?

I love watching zombie apocalypse movies, but this was my first zombie read. Okay, it’s not really a zombie book, but it kinda reminds me of one. The issue is sleep. In this future dystopian world, people lost the ability to sleep and subsequently went insane and turned zombie-like. Calhoun has a quirky writing style and Black Moon was definintely a fun read with an unexpected… kinda unpleasant ending?


2. I Will Find You by Joanna Connors – $10.50


Another one with a cover that drew me in, though at the time I was on the hunt for a true story, and this one looked like an interesting if perhaps shocking read.

I applaud Joanna Connors for sharing her story as a survivor of sexual assault and all the ways it consequently changed her life – including her investigation into the man who assaulted her. However, I only recommend you read I Will Find You if you can handle distressing content related to sexual assault.


3. Watershed by Jane Abbott – $4.95


I’m writing a dystopian novel (just for fun), so thought I should get my hands on one. Watershed immediately attracted me because my novel is about too much water, and this one’s about not enough. 

Watershed is an epic read (and a thicker book than I expected!) with vivid imagery and a well fleshed out dystopian society that is as otherworldly as it is familiar.

So there we have it!

Three mini book reviews that only half-suck. I think. I hope.



14 thoughts

  1. I’ve started a reader, too. However, in recent years I have struggled with it. I definitely write more than I read nowadays. It’s something that pains me.

    Why do you think you suck at reviews? I have seen nothing to indicate that.

    “I shot the Milly” made me almost ROFL. Precious. Why didn’t they shoot the book, though? Are they avid readers, too?

    Off to read your piece on Louise’s site.


  2. I currently have 3 large bookshelves and they are pretty much stacked with books. I read constantly also, sometimes to my defeat because I read more than I write these days but I’m lucky enough to have a used bookstore close by. They are great with prices some books are .25 and they even have a $1 area where if you buy 3 $1 books, you get like 3 more free! lol but the owner also gives credits! So when I’m done reading, if it’s a book I don’t want for my collection or a book I didn’t like, I can take it in to him and he gives me credit toward another book! It’s a great way for him to keep his stock up and also for me to read more books than just having to purchase constantly with no money back.

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  3. The reviews absolutely do not suck! I loved hearing what struck your fancy when book browsing (considering my TBR pile is a full bookcase, I know the pull & contemplation necessary when adding to its heft!) & what inspires you. 🙂

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  4. I love to hear about other creative people. What makes us tick?? Good read!
    I was called the escape artist. Pen and book in hand. 😊

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  5. We have a used bookstore here in Knoxville, Tennessee called McKay’s that has free book bins outside. Every day they clean the store and vacate un-bought books into the free book bin. This place McKay’s should be a chain! 🙂 Although, admittedly, I’m not the most avid reader…unless I wrote it. Then I’ll read it fifty times in re-write to get it perfect lol!

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  6. Thanks for the interesting read! I enjoy seeing other writers’ reviews of books, especially ones who haven’t become overly critical of other writers 🙂

    My to-read pile is, I think, an entire bookshelf O_o I’ll have to actually count once we’ve finished moving and they’re all on the shelves again. I have books I bought years and years ago that I still haven’t gotten to!

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    1. kataar – I also have a whole TBR bookshelf. Literally. Plus a couple hundred (or more) eBooks. Wait, I just checked (this question has come up more than once recently lol) – I have 3,261 Kindle books.

      Man, I really need to either start reading constantly, or donating my books! 😀

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