9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

Cats are without a doubt the most enigmatic creatures on the planet. Somehow, these fluffy little monsters worm their way into our cold, little hearts and make us adore them, feed them and play with them – all day long.

They even make you sing songs, really weird songs, like about how mean they are (and how yet despite all this, we still love them!?)


9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

1) You will never be alone, ever again. When you cook, when you sleep, when you sit, when you write, when you pee. There they’ll be

cat writing


2) If you’re finding it difficult getting up early in the morning for the gym, well… never fear, the cat is here! (To wake you up and terrorize you)

cat craxy bed.gif


3) Apparently, cats can reduce anxiety and stress with their purr. This is despite waking you up at 1 am doing their ‘mad-dash-down-the-hallway-routine’ that sounds eerily like an intruder and can give you a heart attack as you grab your phone to call the emergency services

cat on bed.gif


4) THEY MAKE YOU LAUGH. Like when they have one of their ‘mad episodes’ and jump for that invisible ledge that no one else can see but them

flying cat


5) Cats are incredibly low maintenance. Unless you have a cat, like mine, who poops all over the sides of the kitty litter box, all over the floor, the wall, the roof. So yeah, low maintenance. No worries



6) They make for great counsellors. You can talk to them about your problems and they will never judge you

what the hell are you doing cat gif


7) Cats are cute little lion warriors, they will protect you from anything scary that enters the home



8) They make for great bed warmers. Don’t want one? Tough, you’re getting a “bed warmer”



9) They love you, incredibly so, despite what dog owners say. There’s nothing more heart-warming than when your cat reaches out toward you with their dainty little paw…

cat vampire



114 thoughts

  1. Very relatable post, Madam.. 😊
    Can definitely vouch for the “protection” part, irrespective of what dog lovers say.
    We have seen cats in our house (a few ginger ones like “Goose the Flerken Cat” of Captain Marvel fame) shoo away or kill snakes which sometimes enter the compound. They are fearless.
    I am shocked to hear that your cat doesn’t bring you “gifts”. We have received “gifts” in the form of dead shrews, lizards, mice, chameleons etc. 😛


  2. All of that is true! My two cats are exactly like that, and I can talk to our sweet little cats without anyone (except the cats) giving me weird looks!

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  3. My cat is called clove, she is almost 2 and has the best personality in the world. She regularly brings me elastic bands from outside… or twigs. I would love to know what she thinks of the odd things she brings home

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    1. Oh my goodness how to go with four cats and managing kitty litter?? It’s like a full-time job for me and I only have two haha. Do you have one of those self-cleaning kitty litter machines? They look wondrous

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      1. Hahaha I wish, that would be great, but nope, just scoop every day and change the boxes once a week, everyone gets along pretty well except two of them, but they avoid each other, so it’s a peaceful household for the most part, lol

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  4. I’m a firm defender of the theory that cats make us better people, since they can teach us to love the little terrors with our heart and soul! I’d never thought I’d love a creature who sits on my face, bites, scratches, goes insane for no reason and destroys my socks until I got a cat! lol

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      1. I’m very happy for you that you have cats again, Milly. I don’t but my mom has reduced dizens over the years. Just moved from a place where the landlords cat Niles and I were pals. I miss the guy despite his occasional orneriness. Maybe if I ever settle down.

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    1. 3 boys! How on earth do you manage with all that kitty litter? I have 2 and it’s a constant kitty litter battle. My dog used to get into the tray until I created a special ‘kitty station’ in a blanket box lol. Food has to be up high too

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        1. Oh I’m jealous. I wish I lived out of town or in a quiet area so I could do the indoor/outdoor thing! Alas, I live on a busy road and already lost two little ones, my new cats are indoor only unless on a leash hahaha


  5. Dog people just think cats “don’t love you” because they don’t run up to you when you walk through the door. (Well, mine does, but whatever.) But imagine if a PERSON acted like a dog does when you came home, people would think they were insane! Nobody says people don’t love you because they don’t jump on you and run around in circles from excitement.

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  6. I wouldn’t get a cat if you paid me. When my wife and I were house sitting the little devil (Boozer) parked himself on my fanny for a snooze. I fell asleep too. The little stinker had a nightmare, put all its claws into my fanny, I screamed bloody murder, the cat took off, and I couldn’t sit without a pillow for a week. And sometimes you have to sit without a pillow!

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    1. I’ve never understood this! They’ll get all up in your face demanding food, yet when you go check, there’s already some there?? It’s like they want the ‘extra fresh’ biscuits from the packet

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        1. I could imagine my cat saying exactly that! And omg it’s the same with water! Needs to be fresh, running water from the bathroom tap – even if I’ve scrubbed the water bowl to within an inch of its life and added water just 10 minutes earlier. That’s apparently not fresh enough according to my cats

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  7. Cats are the best, I would not trade them for a dog ever. Best bedwarmers. I sing a song to my cat, she started to shout at me early in the morning to get up, so I made up a loud about her singing loud and strong. She has stopped shouting at me. They are the best muses too we work together when writing. Your never alone with a cat I have two and one escorts me everywhere, yes to the toilet too. One traps me near my feet the other if I move she stands up twirls and sits back down again. Blessings to you Milly.

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    1. Yeah for that one I was trying to find the gif of that woman trying to get into bed without disturbing her cats – couldn’t find it though so I went with the blanket monster hahaha


  8. The Houseguest is obsessed with cats. She doesn’t have any right now, but her friends have several she is enamored with. It annoys her when those cats are fascinated by me because I ignore them as she’s fawning over them.

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    1. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats as well, which is why I’ve always said I’m an ‘animal person’ as opposed to choosing a side. But I think I am intrinsically a cat person hahaha. I mean, just look at the name of site lol

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  9. Haven’t listened to the Mean Kitty Song yet, but, yeah, I agree! Cats have a special temperament that really addicts some people. I had a solid white cat named Winter. Despite the fact he constantly terrorized the pictures on the wall, despite his hating me for doctoring his ear mites, I loved that cat! And yeah, he missed the litter box, too! I think sometimes just to be a smart ass, as it were…

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