How are my WordPress stats going?

You guys know me and how often I go on about how ‘the stats aren’t important!’ and ‘don’t worry about the stats!’ but then I go crazy for them anyway. Call it the analytical part of me. I LOVE analysing stuff and I can’t seem to stop… it’s part of my day job actually.

So my stats. Did not do well. Over Christmas break.

They went bad

Really bad.

I once blogged about how I grew my blog and how I really got 6,000 followers (wow I blog about stats A LOT) and I have to concur with some of my earlier observations: my stats slide into hell if I don’t put in the work.

Perhaps my SEO game is just totally off, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to increase my outside traffic. Getting dismal search engine results rivals the consternation I once felt for Upwork. Why won’t you do what I want!?

Over my two-month break, my stats dropped to about 30 views a day. On average, 10 of those views were external.

Looking at this fancy little diagram below, you can clearly see the giant hump in Feb/Mar 2018. I really have no clue what I was doing at that point in time, but looks like it was working! You can see my enthusiasm died off come April…


Here’s my old diagram from a year ago (hello colour change!):


Before my July 2018 break, I was averaging 250 views a day. Might take me a few more months to claw my way back to those stats! And as you can imagine, it’s also going to be a long, long time before my WordAds program bears any coffee beans. But when it does, it will be $100 USD worth.

So my stats are going pretty bad, but that’s too be expected when you take a huge break. No use letting it get you down.

And like I always tell you, ‘it’s not all about the stats guys! It’s all about the connections you make!’ Which is true, but analysing stats is fun.

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  1. Can someone please advice me the stats show No. of Visitors.

    Are these visitors unique visitors with no repeat?

    meaning a visitor first visited my blog 1 year ago, and dropped off, then 1 year later came visiting my Blog, does the stats still show One Visitor?

    Thank you in advance for your clarification.

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  2. I’ve been blogging for a little over a month!

    I have about 3-8 followers most recent.
    I have not obsessed with numbers at all.

    I don’t go click happy just to increase my stats. But of my small number of followers, I get 300 to 400+ views from about 18 countries with 120 – 200 likes and 40 – 60+ comments! Every day!

    One day, I saw 4 posts where each blogger had thousands of followers.

    In total they had over 1,300 likes.
    But only one comment!

    How can that many people read and ‘like’ a post, but only one enough to comment?

    Maybe a smiley face, a LOL, a ha ha ha …

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  3. I feel your pain, Milly, and alot more since I only have 342 followers. And that’s after a year of far increased quantity and better quality posts. It’s a perennial issue for most everyone, I think. Many bloggers quit due to low stats. I’ve considered it many times. No one told me when I started would be expected to engage. Or promote on social media, which I don’t do since I do that have it. If I spend time engaging – which I really enjoy, by the way – that is less time to write. I’m writing a book on alternative days and want to finish my first draft. So I shouldn’t be blogging much if at all. Oh and I have to move and need to get work / a job. Getting freelance writing gigs on Upwork I hear is super hard. (Do you have posts on that?) It’s a dilemma, fo sho. Any advice, dear woman?

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    1. I think it took me two years before my blog really started to take off, mainly due to my post: Ask the Blogger: How did you get so many followers? (Chuck Wendig contributed!) I find my readers really enjoy articles related to blogging and publishing. I was really only posting these things as affirmations for myself, but turned out everyone loved them as well! My most consistent post that drives about 90% of my organic search results to my website is my post about the Big 5. I’m actually doing an update on them tonight now that the publishing world is waking back up. I’m hoping the new post with updated links might help my US based readers.

      I blogged about Upwork in my ‘I am finally a freelance writer’ post. Upwork is absolutely not worth your time as it’s flooded with a mass of writers. I think it’s better to start with smaller/newer freelance websites that have a smaller pool. I don’t think I’ll be blogging about freelance writing anytime soon though, as my main aim this year is to start publishing my novels 🙂


    1. I recently read this article about a blogger who doesn’t even bother looking at their stats! I have no CLUE how they manage to do that. Like, how could you not even be just a tiny bit curious!? Perhaps they are, but don’t want to admit it haha.

      Oh and if you you’re interested, you can go to my ‘Resources’ tab on my home page, there’s a drop down under it for ‘Blogging Tips’. I’m not an aficionado though, so my ‘tips’ are just little honest snippets about my stats and what works for me 🙂 But sometimes, I have no idea what I’m doing lol

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  4. I stopped looking at my stats because I was getting sad. I average 5-8 views a day. That made me want to stop blogging 😦 But I reframed my mindset: I was getting through to 5-8 people because of my writing, and that makes a difference, no matter how small. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. If you think about it, how cool is it to think that potentially 5-8 people sat at their computer and looked at your blog? It’s better than no one at all, and I keep forgetting that. Thanks for reminding me!


  5. Well, I like analyzing my stats too — not that it helps ha ha. I don’t obsess over them, thank God, or I’d be depressed. Your average views during your break beats my good days when I’m trying. I know I write good posts (in general) and I’ve got a small group that enjoys them, and I’m writing the type of posts that I want, so I don’t sweat it. I’ve hit $7US in ad earnings, so at this rate, I should get a payout in about 14 years lol.

    Anyway, your numbers will be back up in no time.

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    1. WordAd earnings are soooo hard to get. It would be great if the earnings made up for the cost of running your website, but sadly for me that’s not the case either. Oh well, one day! I think your payout in 14 years will be a very joyous occasion! 🙂 I still have at least 14 months to go before I get mine

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  6. It’s hard to keep up sometimes and everyone needs a break. Plus I don’t have any proof of this but I’m willing to bet some times of year are just slower across the board for everyone. It will bounce back!

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    1. Yeah I reckon it slows down a bit over Dec/Jan. At least I hope so! I can’t really tell though because my engagement changes so drastically month to month. If I could just be consistent for a year… lol


  7. Your stats are only a tool. Open to interpretation. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and the stats can make you feel proud of yourself. But that feeling is fleeting. Pay attention to your writing and don’t let the stats rule your life. Unless you have invested a great deal of money in your blog and you’re running a business via your blog those stats only stats mean what you want them to mean.

    Pay attention to the quality of your writing. You are the final arbiter of your writing. Your stats won’t tell you if you’ve written something worthy of posting. Only you can do that.

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  8. I’m lucky to get one view when I’m taking a break 😂 Although, I definitely don’t put enough effort into my blog…. it’s a casual hobby ☺️ Well done on all your evident hard work!!

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  9. I don’t want to obsess about stats, but every now and then, I do analyze them in my head. Especially when someone else writes about them. My stats are worse. And I haven’t been MIA. It just shows how dedicated of a fan base you have.
    Good luck clawing your way to the top again.

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    1. Yeah I try my best not to obsess, can be a rabbit hole! I think it’s my followers that help keep my stats up, becuase I really suck at SEO. But I don’t mind, the main reason I hang around here is to talk to my blogging friends like you anyway 🙂 You could have all the views in the world, but it would be lonely without friends, is how I see it

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  10. Every time I’ve taken a break from blogging, whether announced or not, my stats drop considerably, and it seems like it takes a year to get back to the level I was before the break :-\

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    1. I’ve always heard that quality over quantity is key as you don’t want to be spamming people with SEO duds – you’ll lose subscribers with no reward. The secret is writing articles that will generate outside (organic) traffic. Firstly, you need to think of a unique search term that people will use through search engines. Once you figure out your search term, you need to put it 1) in the title, 2) in a heading using ‘h’ and 3) at least two times in the body text and 4) also in the title of your images.
      I did this for one of my articles by accident:
      It performs really well and consistently gets 100—200 views of organic traffic a month. If all my posts performed that well, I’d be getting 26,000 views a month easy! At that rate I’d be making $20 a month from my blog. Not bad really, maybe one day hahaha.


    1. Yes that’s me exactly ! My care factor is fairly low, it’s there, but it’s not my primary drive for getting higher stats. On the other hand, like you, I love analysing and manipulating them. I just need to unlock the secret for getting higher number!!

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