Back in the Saddle Again

Holy smokes it’s 2019! Hope you all had a spectacular break over the holiday period, filled with matching Christmas jumpers, spiked eggnog and Home Alone.

I’ve been on a small hiatus for the last two months – I even managed to have a quiet New Years! I’m usually gallivanting around Australia over New Year’s, catching up with old college friends or watching the fireworks in Sydney with the relies. This time around, I had a relaxing one with the fam at my parent’s farm.

Here’s a little photo roll so you can see what I’ve been up to!

fullsizerender (1)
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging (especially when made of plastic…)


Drinking Pimm’s with my housemate in the summer sun on Christmas Day – sorry no jumpers. Our family buys ‘Christmas dresses’ each year instead!


new years eve
A bit of New Year’s Eve Karaoke!


Did I tell you I have a new dog?? Her name’s Daisy and she’s super sweet, if not a little shy.

I’d love to say I was using my spare time getting my books ready for publication or working hard on my freelance writing career, but as you can clearly see, I’ve been enjoying the summer sun, singing karaoke, drinking Pimm’s and taking my new dog Daisy for long walks out at the family farm.

In any case, I HAVE been lurking on WordPress and catching up on other people’s blogs – one of my favourite past times!

I’ve made a schedule this year to start getting my books published. I’ve already bought most of my book covers (they ain’t cheap!) and have scheduled some of my books for a professional edit in April – so watch this space!

I promise (to you, my family and myself) that I will exit 2019 as a self-published author, so help me God!

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  1. It’s fun to see the Christmas dresses, Milly. In the northwest we are big on the “onesies” flannel/fleecy pyjamas. I googled “Pimms” a gin based drink with various add ins. Sounds yummy. I know you will accomplish a lot of good in 2019!

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    1. Haha I wish so much it were cool enough here to wear onesies!! I have some awesome snow themed tights and moccasins that I can never wear at Christmas 🙂 I’m very jealous. You’ll to try pimms one day! I have it with lemonade, cucumber, mint and a bit of ginger beer. Tastes amazing in summer


  2. You have some great content in your blogs and I’m looking forward to reading more. Best of luck with your publishing journey–and thanks for following my blog–I’m following yours now too!


  3. 1) the doggos are adorable!
    2) I am SO jealous of your sunshine! In parts of the States, it’s been below zero for three days now and I can NOT cope! There are only so many layers a person can wear!
    3) Sending you luck on your self-publishing adventure!

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    1. Hey Stacy! We’ve been hearing all about your bad weather here in Australia! It’s been a major news item on show channels actually (goes to show how much we love the US). I can’t even imagine being that cold. We’re actually going through a bit of a heatwave over here, though it should be cooling off this week. Hope you stay safe – and warm! (And thank you! I think my doggos are pretty cute too! Must of the time hahaha)

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        1. It’s funny you say that because we’re currently experiencing a heatwave that only occurs once every 10 years or so – but this is the most extreme one on record. I live in a high altitude city that historically only gets about 1 day over 36 °C each year, but all up we’ve just experienced an ENTIRE week of 36 °C !


  4. Lovely to see you back!! Enjoyed seeing the photos from your warm and sunny Australian Christmas, very different from the wet, miserable weather here in Ireland (I try not to leave the warmth of the stove this time of year)!! Happy New Year 🙂

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    1. Hi Rachel! Seems like the Northern hemisphere is experiencing some really intense winter conditions atm! I wish I could send some heat your way – it’s getting a bit ridiculous over here. I do love the sun, but aussie heatwaves are the worst hahaha we actually have to AVOID the stove and cook outside on the barbie as much as possible to keep the inside of the house cool! I miss baking cookies and roasts, but it’s just too hot. Oh and happy New year 🙂

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    1. Oh cool do you have a German shepherd? This one was actually a neighbour’s dog that crashed our Christmas party! It was hilarious. My housemate and I decided to get a ‘family photo’ with him – such a big gentle doggo.


    1. Hi Sean! It’s really nice to hear you check back every now and then – I didn’t think anyone would notice if I was gone!! And yes, small breaks are a great way to recharge. I think I just needed a small reset to get my goals in order 🙂


  5. Cheering you in! I have the same goal!! I’ve oublished all these books and ghostwritten many others while mine have sat in my computer. This is the year they come out and onto someone else’s computer who needs to read them!! ~Shell

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    1. Goldie! Oh I’ve missed you! I’ll go catch up on your blog right now 🙂 p.s how did you do your email pop-up newsletter thing on your blog? I’ve been trying to Google how to set one up on WP but am failing miserably hahaha

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