The Nine Reasons Why Writers Have Cats

Ever noticed that writers tend to have… lots of cats? Like not just one or two, but sometimes three or four? I could never quite figure out the obsession, until I adopted a few of my own (yes, I just said the word ‘few’, and yes, I may have more than one cat).

1) You will never again be alone, ever

cat back.gif

2) They are excellent paper shredders… and you will cheer them on even when it’s the sole copy of your manuscript. You are eating that paper so well my little darling munchkin poo

cta eating paper

3) Kittens. Just kittens. I mean, they do end up turning into cats at some point. But kittens


4) Cats are the only thing on the planet more bonkers than writers. This is reassuring to said writers

cat cleaning

5) Feeling blue because you’ve just killed off one of your favourite characters? Never fear, the cat will help distract you (or make you scream in pain or whatever it is that the cat feels like doing to you at that moment in time)

cat vampire

6) Cats show us that even when we fail, there is still plenty to laugh about (windowsill = finding a publisher)

flying cat

7) You can rant and rave to your cat about the person you intend to kill (in your book) without any serious repercussions *cough agent cough*

cat plotting

8) Cats can make for great inspiration. Especially when they’re being creepy. And especially when you turn around. And they are there. Just staring

Intense cat

9) Google ‘author with cat’. That is all.

cat writing


87 thoughts

  1. I have 2 cats currently trying to decide weather to make it 3 as per my last post would love for you to read and give me feedback ✌🏻🐱


  2. Great Post! I wanted to share with everyone a T-shirt I recently designed for cat lovers. Here is the link:

    I hope you enjoy and don’t mind me posting this!


  3. I have two, I want more but I’m old and for some reason if your old, a female, and have more then two cats your called “The old crazy cat lady” and yes I write poems and short stories. =^..^=

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  4. this is so true and so me!! i also adopted one cat from a shelter during my study and away from home. i just can’t live without a cat. and they also make the best companion ever.


  5. Love the staring eyes of the creepy cat. I don’t have a cat and I don’t think you’ve gone any closer to convincing me I should have one or a few, but I enjoyed the smiles from your article anyway, Milly. Thank you.

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  6. Bwahahaha! I have four cats! I couldn’t live without owning at least two cats! And yes kittens. My youngest cat is two. I’d love to get a kitten again. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a kitten at play. Well actually, there is! Watching two+ kittens at play! My two year old still plays but the other ones don’t want to play with him much anymore. I get down on the floor and play with him daily but when I’m busy or tired he begs the others to play and their just not into it. They’ll chase a laser all over the place, but other than that they don’t play. I’m afraid he would hurt a kitten though. He’s a big muscular 17 lbs boy and he can play rough! For now i will just have to watch kittens playing on YouTube…

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  7. SO…what about those of us who are authors that do not have cats? I am an author and I don’t have one. Does that mean I am not really a writer because that would be heartbreaking….lol

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        1. See? It all fits! As I said, in the beginning Hemingway didn’t like them either. And then he changed his mind. That’s what cats do. But you have to be exposed to cats to get into the right mood 😀 I’m only joking. I love cats, but I understand that some people don’t. I live in the area where most don’t, so I got used to that. Anyway… look at Hemingway’s photos 🙂 He’s always with cats in those pics where he’s older.

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  8. Love this post! My cat, Mimo, is 19 years old. He’s aging and has some health issues, and I know his passing is inevitable. It will change my writing habits, as he’s always here every morning. Somehow, I’ll find a way to adapt.

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  9. I don’t have a cat. My husband doesn’t like them, but when my daughter was at home, she had three. (Husband put up with them for his beautiful daughter, of course.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t a writer then. I had a proper job, so I missed out on all the writerly fun, like the cat on the keyboard and eating your manuscript.

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  10. My cats are family-at times I have had four, at the moment I have three delightful bundles of fun and playfulness. Cats are also incredible listeners when you want to read your work out loud- at least for a while. They steal your office chair and look so cute you get another. One of my cats always runs to greet me when I have been out. They make a home feel more like home.

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  11. I have two cats, and in my opinion, the thing which raises them above dogs as pets is that they clean up after themselves. Yes, dogs will grovel to ‘master’, but who is picking up whose poo here? Exactly.
    Cats also make excellent fur-covered hot water bottles when they feel like it (great for warming a stationary writer). Cruelty-free fur, too, or at least free of cruelty to the fur. Whether cruelty is entirely out of the picture does rather depend on the disposition and mood of the cat.

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    1. “Cats also make excellent fur-covered hot water bottles when they feel like it (great for warming a stationary writer).”

      What a good point! Not only do they warm like a hot water bottle, but studies show their purrs have healing effects on cats & the humans they’re near. So, they also have the healing/soothing qualities of a hot water bottle!

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      1. I’m not counting. I am happy when I read your posts, and I think you’re doing something even more interesting when you’re not posting. I hope your winter (my summer) has been going well.

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