I got a professional book cover done!

You may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been a bit quieter than usual. One of the main reasons for my odd silence is that I’m (actually) writing – yes, me, the eternal procrastinator!

So over the last few months, I’ve been working on finishing up a new adult psychological thriller that I began back in 2016. After many silly ‘working titles’, I am relieved to announce I have finally settled on the following: When She Goes.

And not only that, I was able to afford a professional eBook cover from the talented designers over at The Cover Collection!

Here’s the final version:

When She Goes ebook complete.jpg

If you’re interested in what my book is about, here’s a rough draft of my blurb:

Be careful what you die for…

After her father’s death and her mother’s subsequent illness, Maisy Watson is taken in by the wealthy Yates family and is treated as one of their own. For a few years, Maisy really does have the perfect life, but no matter how much she dreams of belonging to the Yates family, she will only ever be an outsider.

Tiggy Yates has it all. The loving parents, the trust fund and the looks – not to mention she’s dating the hottest bachelor in town, Lawson Ross, the one guy that Maisy is also in love with. Despite all she has, Tiggy has never appreciated the privileged life she was born into, a life Maisy will do anything to take as her own… unless that life is already hers.

I am hoping to get my novel professionally edited in June/July, followed closely by the creation of the paperback cover. I’m also hoping for a release date sometime in July/August!

And yes, I am totally organising a book launch party! #ThereWillBeLotsOfChampagne #ThreeDayHangover

I also promise to keep you updated on my progress, so do stay tuned for the following blog posts: “What Not to Do When You Self-Publish” and “How to Cope When You Don’t Sell Any Books” etc…

Love ya!

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  1. Congrats on the book cover and looking forward to reading your upcoming blogs. I have had a few books self published, in fact I just got back from con I had newest book at. I ‘m certainly want to get another 1 out and am looking into doing guests blogs and other forms of social media. Thinking of trying patreon – have u considered it?

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  2. I have a new book of poetry that will be published in 2019. I used one of my photographs for the cover. If I’m lucky enough to have another manuscript accepted somewhere, I’m going to explore the possibility of a professional cover. Your cover looks great.

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  3. You had me at adult psychological thriller! I got a bit lost in your blurb, but I’ll reread it to try and figure out the central conflict and who I want to root for. Congrats on your cover design 😊

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  4. This is so exciting and inspiring – well done for finding the willpower to sit quietly and let you fingers finally do the work your brain wanted to get down. The cover is absolutely stunning; eye catching with a perfect title x

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    1. I think I would consider it a job well done if I can sell even just the one copy – so I suppose that someone is you! I totally just won at life hahahah. But no really, even selling one copy to someone who is not family would make my year lol

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  5. I was given some great advice to have a professional design the book cover. When you think about it, it makes sense. The writing could be top notch but we need something that captures the eye. Excellent design. Happy to see you went in that direction.

    When it comes to an editor, my editor was top notch. If you’re looking for one drop me a line and I’ll give you details.

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    1. All my author friends have given me the same advice: as a bare minimum, get a professional edit and book cover done. At first I was a bit resistant, but they’ve convinced me! Oh and yes I’d love to know who you are editor is! I do have one in mind that was recommended to me by someone who publishes a lot of books (also on Joanna Penns editor list) – but I’m still shopping! I think I’ve been quoted around 500 AUD to get copy and line editing done for 60k words (my novels aren’t that long).


  6. How exciting! Please keep us posted. I actually self-published a book on Amazon a while back. Afterward I started finding errors even though I proofed it very carefully! I got discouraged, but still believe in the book. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. 😊. Best of wishes to you! 😃👍

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  7. Congratulations Milly, the cover looks great! Your book sounds intriguing and am looking forward to seeing the finished product. 🙂

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  8. LOVE the cover Milly – so proud of you and all the time and effort you put into your writing. Grandad and Great Grandpa Cahill would have been so excited and over the moon too 😀😀

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  9. Congratulations! A professional cover is always a good idea.
    I must admit I could do with a post on “How to Cope When You Don’t Sell [M]Any Books” – but I hope you won’t be able to write it from personal experience!

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  10. I drew my book cover for a more rustic look. 😛

    congrats on your bookbaby! when looking for an editor try to find someone who offers a cheaper “first read”, (where he/she will give a synopsis of what could be improved) just to see if he/she shares your same vision.

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  11. Awesome, and I’m glad that you were being quiet on account of writing rather than there being a problem. I was getting a little worried that I’d not seen much from you recently. But that’s all OK now because you were actually creating magic for the rest of us!
    The book blurb looks very intriguing too!

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  12. Hello Milly!
    Wow that looks like an AWESOME cover. Your blurb sounds so interesting and it is definitely a novel that I would want to read! Congrats on your progress so far! Keep us updated 🙂

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  13. Congratulations on your choice to approach this whole process like a professional. So very many indies insist on publishing their unedited first drafts, and on first thought, you may be inclined to think, “Well, there are a few million books that will be no competition for mine,” but they hurt us all. Every time a reader gets hold of one of those trash can weights, they’re inclined to think, “I’ll never waste 99c on a damned indie again!” If you’re still screening editors, may I suggest putting the name Lynda Dietz in the hat. Quality work at a price that won’t break the bank: http://easyreaderediting.com/

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  14. The professional cover was a good idea because if the cover does not say “Pick me up and at least read the sleeve notes” … then you will be missing sales opportunities. Professional cover designers know what works, and what doesn’t.
    A professional edit is a good idea because friends and family are never the best editors, even though their intentions are good. Self editing (for errors/omissions etc) is highly inefficient because, as the writer, you know what you wrote and your mind will substitute correct words and insert omissions without you consciously knowing. A workaround is to read aloud to yourself as that will pickup obvious errors/omissions … but you cannot beat a professional edit.
    All the best with your book. 🙂

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