Thank You to the Bloggers!

The other week I posted a rallying cry when I heard that the cats over at Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions were about to lose their home and did not have the funds to find a new one (with 28 days on the clock!!) As many of you may know, Purrfect Match is the Shelter that I adopted my own cats from in April – which is how I came to learn about their dire situation.

I can’t even thank you all enough for checking out the fundraising page and donating, sharing and reblogging my post! You are all such champions, there are simply no words to describe the immense and overwhelming gratitude I feel towards you all. Here are the bloggers who so kindly donated to Purrfect Match (sorry if I missed anyone, I think some people may have donated anonymously):

Chelsea Haller

An aspiring author from the great western state of California, Haller not only has 3 cats and 2 children – but she also has 1 husband at home too. I really do recommend you follow her blog if you haven’t already!

Annette Hamilton

Hamilton is an Australian writer currently putting together a book (or three!) on her family history. She wrote a very interesting article on The Perils of Publishing I think every aspiring indie author should head over and read it.

Susie Murphy

Murphy is a historical fiction writer from Ireland. She is currently working on her six-part series, A Matter of Class. Murphy also wrote a wonderful guest blog for The Cat’s Write in March!

Floating Gold

“Goldie” is a regular here, so I am not surprised at all that she (or he???) was kind enough to donate to Purrfect Match. So thank you – you beautiful, mysterious person!

Rica Grayson

Grayson is a contemporary romance author who already has a few books under her belt including her new release, For Never and Always. She loves a good HEA, sassy heroines, and a hero who loves the heroine more than anything (sounds like my type of books!!)

Sonia Bellhouse

Sonia Bellhouse is a contributor to Writing the Dream, an anthology for published writers produced by Serenity Press. She won two major awards in the inaugural Rockingham Short Fiction contest and, most importantly of all, she’s a cat mum to Annabelle! 🙂

Louis Catorze

Louis Catorze kindly made a donation from Le Royal Sick Fund. Catorze’s human (no surprise) is a crazy cat lady – there seem to be so many of us around these days!

The director of Purrfect Match, Lesley Inkson, is applying for a loan to hopefully cover the shortfall to the $60,000 needed to secure a new home/shelter (as she sadly hasn’t been able to raise the total amount needed to purchase the new shelter).

I really hope it all works out, for the kitties sake!

Lesley has also dropped the adoption fee over at Purrfect Match to a simple donation to the shelter. A small price to pay to fill your home with love… and your next furry friend! Kittens are really wonderful, but most cats waiting in shelters are adults desperate for a second chance. They really do have so much love to give.

Here are some of the waiting cats:


Hopefully, one day soon, all the cats at Purffect Match will find a home.

Thanks again for all your help, you wonderful, beautiful people xx



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  1. I work for a news station and every friday, we have a Pet of the Week and she always brings kittens! They have so many at the shelter, they’re now letting you name a price on them. I’ve been wanting to get a kitty so so badly! Just don’t have the time OR the space:(

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    1. Oh my gosh if someone brought kittens around to my work every Friday, I don’t know what I’d do! I really want a kitten too, but I’ve got two cats already haha


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