Help Save Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions

Hi everyone! I recently came across Purrfect Match Cat Adoptions, a charity in NSW Australia that is under terrible distress. Cat adoptions have slowed down, funds are incredibly low and the shelter is currently faced with a dire relocation problem – it won’t be long before they have nowhere to go and the countdown is on.

I believe they only have 28 days left to find a new home. I can’t even imagine the stress they all must be under. It must be terrifying for the team at Purrfect Match knowing the cats will soon have nowhere to go (I believe there is around 70 cats at the shelter).

Please head over to YouCaring to see their fundraising campaign page: Help Find Purrfect Match animal shelter a new home.

Annabelle just wants to be loved 🙂

When you donate to Purrfect Match, please mention it in the comment section of their fundraising page and in the comment section below so I can give you a shout out in my blog next week. I myself thought I’d start the donation process with $20 AUD.

If only the one person donates, than guess what, you’ll be getting the entire spread in my blog post in which I will detail every aspect of your life!! Yay for you!! I’m looking forward to stalking that person who does donate! And if no one does? I suppose I can regale you with tales of all the other things I’ve failed at #NothingButTheTruth

Lucy has been long overlooked, but has so much love to give

If you happen to be in Australia and looking for love, you can see the list of cats waiting here. The director, Lesley Inkson, is desperate to find homes for the cats. If you’re interested, you can check out the Purrfect Match Facebook Page for more info and updates on their fundraising efforts, not to mention more photos of the gorgeous little cats waiting for homes.

I love you all so much for all the support you’ve given me when my own cat Sven died last month. Knowing how wonderful you all are, I was thinking that perhaps we could help change the fate of this one, small cat adoption organisation that appears to have been overlooked and forgotten. Even $5 would go such a long way. However, I understand that most of us are starving artists, so even if you only have a kind thought to spare, that would mean the absolute world

Olivia home
Olivia is still waiting for her furrever home

Perhaps… something good could come out of losing Sven. Perhaps, as someone recently told me, his legacy could be that of love.

My life as a crazy cat lady may not be over just yet.

Much love, Milly

p.s Please reblog or share this post if you can so we can help spread the word!!

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      1. You mentioned me recently and my cat Annabelle, I also have two other cats Alexei who I have also had since he was a kitten and my unexpected rescue cat Freya. .She was living in a neighbours garage and had seven kittens.I manged to rescue the kittens and find them places but she looked like such a pathetic teenage mum that we kept her. xxx

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