Call for submissions!

I thought that title had a cool ring to it, like when big publishing houses announce they’re going to accept (and possibly even read) unsolicited manuscripts for the next 30 minutes – so you better get your submissions in fast!

Sorry, this is not that exciting. If at all.

I’m pretty much on the hunt for guest bloggers for March 2018 (newbies welcome!), as it has only just occurred to me that I’ve never had anyone guest blog here before – an erroneous omission I’m hoping to correct.

Also, I thought it would be fun.

And I want to pass on the buck.

BUT I’m afraid I have nothing to give you in return except a lot of love from The Cat’s Write.

So, if you’re interested in pouring out your writing soul for zero dollars, this is the type of content I’m looking for:

  • Anything writing related
  • A little insight into your #WritersLife
  • Embarrassing #WritersLife stories
  • Cat related hilarities also welcome

If ANYONE can beat my embarrassing story, I want to hear it:

Or if you have a cat like mine, I’d really like to know:

Please read my guest blogging guidelines then send your submissions to: thecatswrite (a)

With your submission, please include the following:

  • Writing or cat related article of 500 – 1500 words
  • Original content (please see blogging guidelines for more info)
  • 1-3 sentence “Author Bio” along with your social media handles
  • The name you prefer to go by
  • Name and link to your blog

Lastly, but most importantly, there will be no rejections at The Cat’s Write. I will be taking the first 10 submissions I get – as long as the blogging guidelines are met. 

Thanks peeps and I’m super excited to hear from you!




27 thoughts

  1. I’d like to do something, but I’m busy with studies right now (history – lots of reading and writing) and so probably won’t be able to participate.

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  2. Guessing you have well over 10 submissions by now, Milly. But I may have a crack at it just for the practice, and you could save it for a rainy day. Since I only have this rent a dog for another week or so, it sounds like a good opportunity. By the way, the word “submission” brings up for me the image of alien overlords requiring us to submit to their evil whims and every command. Which is pretty much what trying to publish a book must be like. Or living in Trump-Republican ruled America these days. I’d love for you to guest blog some time, open invitation. Would say that a bicycle should factors in. A photo of your cat in a basket while you are on your bike would be fantastic!

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  3. What a wonderful idea. It seems a lot of people are doing cool stuff with their blogs now-ish (guest posts, contests, etc). Of course, it happens to be terrible timing for me.

    Btw, it looks like your cat was not really fond of what you wrote if he is tearing it up…

    I really like that you’re doing this and that you get a lot of joy out of those submissions.

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  4. I sent my submission to the outlook address, hopefully you got it. Also thought I left a comment on here, but I don’t see that. New to this blogging, and navigating through. I sent a pic of my kittie also. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks. Sue

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  5. Hmm…. My blog is all about honesty – real truths… and love to write about the funny things in life! You have peaked my interest! I belly laugh at your cat posts – I don’t own a cat (and truth be told, afraid of them)… but that’s just me. Perhaps I’ll come back as a cat in my second life… 🙂

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  6. This is a great idea and I’ll read, but won’t contribute. BTW, since YOU first mentioned it here, I’m just finishing Stephen King’s “on writing.” Great book. Great advice. But he reads and writes 6-8 hours a day…which is a schedule I can’t compete with…but hey, he’s getting paid! (And doesn’t it make you jealous to know there’s a guy out there who can be so drunk he doesn’t even REMEMBER writing CUJO?)

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