Are you on Instagram?

If you are, I would absolutely love to connect with you over there. I try to follow back everyone from WordPress, but sometimes I miss people (it’s much easier to guess who you are when you have a ‘WordPress’ link in your bio.)

Feel free to send me a message once you follow me on Instagram letting me know if you’re from WordPress so I can follow you back!

There are so many bots and non-genuine people over there who employ the follow/unfollow method, that it gets a bit tiring after a while, so I usually don’t bother following anyone back unless I can recognise who they are or figure out if they’re ‘real’ or not.

Alternatively, if you’re brave enough, feel free to add your Instagram username to the comment section so we can all follow each other – we bloggers need to stick together! (If you want to use a link, make sure it’s only the one or my filter will catch your comment).

Thanks and hopefully see you over there!

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  1. I made new instagram id and it’s majorly for my sketches. My id’s name is @mysketchbook.__ …. If you’ll follow me then do dm me that you are from wordpress so that I can follow you back.😄


  2. My Instagram username is @safoorahsayeddd do follow me I would follow back just msg me that you have seen my id on wordpress


  3. Hi people I started a new blog . follow me pls. Its about random pictures in black and white of things I see everyday in my city. Looks cool


  4. I am there, but will be closing down mine since I have had the experience that it is not where I want to be. Only pictures, and nothing to learn more than pictures, nothing to read, just people making competitions, lots of women showing what kind of shoes and dress they are wearing – we all have a wardrobe with different colors. To be honest?? I think instagram should close down forever. But some people loves to be there!

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    1. I like instagram because most of my friends are on there so it’s a good way to keep up with them. I also LOVE finding beautiful pages and having a look around – there are some gems there if you can find them. But some people are just on Insta to gain a following, become an influencer, then get famous and make money – makes for a very vain & non-genuine platform. I prefer twitter actually 🙂

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  5. I’m not, or on FB or Twitter (does being so make one a twit?. Should I be? More followers are happening and I can’t keep up with that. Anyway, I want to now see all the cats at your Insta. (I had a follow/unfollow on Strava, my bike GPS app. And I called the French guy on that shit, and he started following me again. I wasn’t aware it was a thing til then. I’m sure that will happen to me again with the blog, but so be it. Anyway, Milly, I don’t know if by following you’re actually reading my (currently) daily posts, but if you’ve caught any at all, I hope they’re amusing/entertaining/educational/inspirational or something. Another Aussie blogger who I came across — @kinchski — said you were awesome. May I coin a word if it hasn’t been? You’re both Aussiesome!


  6. What a nice idea Millie and thanks for following me back! Would love to follow other bloggers there too. I’m on Instagram as debbie_johansson

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  7. “There are so many bots and non-genuine people over there who employ the follow/unfollow method” <— This! And sometimes the same people will follow/unfollow me several times. Really?

    I love Instagram, and try to stick to the profiles that look like real people. I'm there to connect, not to be someone's potential customer.

    I am also YariGarciaYA there ~ feel free to follow!

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  8. I am not on Instagram yet, just started blogging here on WordPress only a few weeks back at I am so new to all of this, have a lot to learn, so enjoying reading your blog. Great info/advice. I have so many questions. Baby steps 🙂

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