The Nine Newbies of WordPress

Once upon a time I was a little blogging newbie who started a blog on WordPress with no clue what she was doing. I didn’t even know there was a WordPress ReaderI still remember the first time I clicked the READER button. I was like, what the hell is this??

Incredibly, I somehow made it to the 2.5 year mark, and I suppose that means I’m no longer a newbie, even though I still feel like one.

To say I love finding wee baby bloggers is an understatement. They are just so… innocent. And now I know why everyone was so nice to me when I started out. Baby bloggers are so damn cute.

I also LOVE making lists, which is why you are now going to read through a list of nine newbies who recently piqued my interest:

Hiding Behind Books

This author’s profile image is a unicorn. I’m already sold. I was also her very first follower, which is why she gets to go first. To be someone’s numero uno follower is a huge privilege and responsibility.

Fav quote:

I read while my life falls apart and the world burns.

Why you should follow:

Did you see that part where I talked about unicorns.

The Ink – Joe Hart

Hart’s website is so flashy and well put together that I can’t help but feel a twinge of envy for a blogger so new to be striking out with such an early display of finesse. He’s a Mike Allegra/Peter Edwards hybrid in the making.

Fav quote:

If you need to, take a breather, reload – and get back to work.

Why you should follow:

If all of the above won’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Amber Moss Writes 

Amber moss is a pro. Not only did she study professional and technical writing at university (not to mention she’s also onto her Master’s degree), she also has an approved account on Upwork. If anyone can let me know how to do this, I’ll sell you my next cat.

Fav quote:

Whether you choose to follow your dream or follow a paycheck, make sure you are happy. You only get one life to live, so live it up!

Why you should follow:

Anyone who blogs about 5 Reasons Why Women are Choosing Not to Get Married, is follow-worthy in my books.

Lionelson N.Y.

If your creativity is a reflection of your name, Lionelson Norbert Yong has it in spades. He has the coolest author name I’ve ever seen. Ever. There are no parallels.

Fav quote:

My name is Lionelson Norbert Yong

Why you should follow:

He self-publishes his books. I am in awe.

Unseen Silence

If you want to be taken away on a cloud, you’re in luck. There is so much beautiful poetry here on unrequited love (at least, that’s my assumption, feel free to correct me!)

Fav quote:

I write these words for the person I love silently and beyond words.

Why you should follow:

If you’ve ever felt the pain of unrequited love, these poems will speak volumes.

IdeasBecomeWords – Viola Bleu

A funny, entertaining writer who drinks vodka martinis, is in love with 007 and makes a mean sticky toffee pudding.

Fav quote:

She had danced and laughed,

While he watched her close.

Her card was marked,

her flushed cheeks that of rose.

Why you should follow:

The minute I read:  ‘Come laugh with me…’ in her bio, I knew I was on to a winner!

Life. Food. Travel. Art – Katie Artista

Katie’s blog is an eclectic offering of tasty tidbits and delectable insights.

Fav quote:

That delicious tangy, garlicky spinach filling wrapped around a light crispy phyllo pastry crust

Why you should follow:

Her imagery makes me hungry.

(re)imagining the mundane – Mariahv

Poets are a conundrum to me. They are of a different ilk, and Mariah is no different. They have a way of weaving and threading words into a silken thread that inspires and ignites a passion we never knew we had. What would take me a whole book to convey, they can do in just a few words.

Fav quote:

i revel in midwinter midday darkness lit by candles and snow

Why you should follow:

it might not appeal to everyone, but there’s something about not using capitals that draws me in. it feels quirky and interesting and artistic.

The Domain of Creativity

This blogger is the youngest of them all, her first post was only two days ago!

Fav quote:

You should be writing for the joy of it, not because you can make money out of it

Why you should follow:

She’s a farm girl (like me) and she’s also insanely quotable

104 thoughts

  1. Ive somehow only just found this! I love the name “baby blogger” I think I fall in this baby blogger world too. I get so excited by blogging, its like a massive wave of pasionate energy and so addictive. Im on the free version at the moment. How long does it take everyone to leap into the unknown and invest in their blogs? Im thinking of doing it soon but this ‘old’ baby is a bit nervous. Great post btw

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  2. Brilliant, as another newbie blogger sometimes it feels like you’d be as well opening the front door and just shouting. For such a big network, making connections can sometimes feel uphill. I’ve had help, and I’ve been very grateful for it.

    What you are doing is great

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    1. It was really hard actually! I ended up choosing baby bloggers who had commented on or followed my blog. I checked them all individually until I found ‘new’ blogs that had interesting content. Ever since I’ve posted this, I’ve found so many more! I could write this over two times by now 🙂 🙂

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  3. Baru pertama kali mengikuti
    Dan mejadi pemula, bagi saya sangat menegangkan dan tak terpikirkan akan menjadi peluang untuk tempat saya menulis dan menyalurkan kata-kata

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    1. It’s part of what makes the community here so awesome. Milly really encouraged me when I first started, and it was amazing to get featured here. Good luck with everything you’re doing, and I hope you find joy in it!

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  4. An incredible looking list of folks! I’m going to go follow them too. I stopped by totally just to thank you for following me the other day, and discovered that you’re dedicated to following other newbies like me, and that’s just so amazingly warm a welcome! What a hero you are!


  5. As a 2 week old baby blogger I am so comforted there are bloggers like yourself out there to support and assist. I have followed all of your recommendations to read and learn as I have no idea what I am doing 😜


  6. I’m a Baby Blogger, I just started yesterday, and YOU were my first follower! You are such a cool person, and the cat thing is awesome, I have 3 indoor cats and several outside cats so an unlimited number of cat pics, stories and complaints. I will be sure to do a cat story on my blog soon. My first post was whining about how hard it was to set up the page, my site looks horrible and I have a bunch of stupid flower pics that I thought would look beautiful but just now look sad and pathetic. LOL

    Thanks for being my first blog buddy and I hope to enjoy all your blogs when I get time to read a few more of them. I am a newbie blogger and I can’t wait to learn how to use all the buttons! hahaha This morning I had a hell of a time trying to find the button to follow you, then I noticed the sneaky one that pops up in the lower right corner and then sneaks away again really fast, so I have been practicing using that button by checking out all the other newbs you had in this article and following them too!

    Thanks and have a lovely day! It’s -34 C windchill where I am this morning, but REALLY sunny, so I am going to sit here and enjoy blogging and hopefully come up with a good one for my first actual writing topic blog. Or I may just put up a bunch of funny cat pics.


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  7. Thank you for writing me first on your list! No wonder I got an increase in followers, and here I thought it’s because of my exceptional writing skills.. NOT. Ha-ha.

    But forgive me, Senpai. Forgive me.

    I cannot believe I missed this post for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! I am so embarrassed, I’m actually digging a hole to curl up and die in with my unicorn (mentally) as I type this. 😦

    From now on, I promise to READ THE STATS RELIGIOUSLY EVERYDAY.


    Again, thank you! ❤

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  8. This is so amazing and thoughtful of you. We need more of you in the blog-o-sphere to remind us that we’re not blogging into a black hole and people do read our blogs even if they don’t like or comment. Thanks for this.

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  9. Milly Schmidt, it’s a wonder to me that you found and liked my blog. As I was asking Leo, and now I need to ask Dirty Sci Find Buddha who liked me and is on one of your lists, how the heck do you stay up with it all? I blogged 31 posts in two years and just finished 31 posts in as many days. As a writing experiment, and to see what happened. So I feel like a baby blogger. Domeone recommended ProBlogger, also an Aussie. My 32 followers and 1,000 views are nothing by comparison. Just want to focus on writing and finding a job, since this isn’t paying, but I don’t want to be a bad blogger either and seldom engage. Whether you reply or not, I truly appreciate you viewing and liking http://www.ADudeAbikes..

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    1. Don’t worry, I don’t make any money off my blog eithe! They always say, once you reach 500 unique visitors a day, you’re on your way! I only get about 250 unique visitors on the really, REALLY good days. But if I could choose between receiving really lovely comments (like yours) or making $100 a month, I’d choose the comments, always. They keep me going 🙂

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  10. Hi Milly – thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog, I am totally gobsmacked that you both read my poetry and have recommended it to other people! I still have absolutely no idea what I am doing on here, so will definitely be checking out your blog for advice and to find out who to follow … plus…it is super exciting having new people check out my blog! 😆😊

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  11. I find it great that there are bloggers like you who follow newbies on wordpress. I wouldn’t have got the courage to posts more articles if I didn’t have anyone reading them and encouraging me all the way. It also took me a long time to realise what the Reader tab was.

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  12. Hey Milly, thanks for including me in this list and your kind words. It only cements your place in my mind as one of the most welcoming, friendly and kind bloggers I’ve come across since starting the ink a couple of months ago. I think you were actually the first person ever to leave a comment on my blog, which really means a lot in those early, lonely days! You’re a great person and I appreciate what you’re doing. Loved some of the other blogs you recommended here too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is probably the nicest comment anyone has ever left on my blog! Thank you so much! You absolutely deserve to be on this list. I think you stood out because you commented on my blog a few months ago (Ask the Blogger post I think), so for a newbie, you clearly knew what you were doing, even back then! A few of the other wee bloggers here also commented on my blog, which is how I collected my list – my way of saying thank you!


  13. Thank you so much for giving me a place in this list, Milly! Being a baby blogger is definitely hard and a whole new environment to me. I’m glad established bloggers like yourself would do such a nice things for us newbies. Thanks again! 🙂

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    1. Lionelson Norbert Yong! You are so welcome. I hope everyone continues to be nice to you! It’s funny, I initially checked your blog out because I thought N.Y. stood for New York (and I’m really keen to visit one day) Then I was like, ‘hey, I think this is a newbie!’ I’m super happy I found you, even if you’re not actually a New Yorker! 🙂

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    1. Oh no, don’t even get me STARTED on discover. That coveted ‘freshly pressed’ or ‘featured on discover’ button is so far beyond what I could ever hope to achieve and is quite clearly reserved for literary aficionados or those who have no clue what it is or those who pretend it’s no big deal and are perfectly satisfied to continue on with their suspiciously succinct and instructional philosophical rants.

      However, I could mess up and get on there by accident. That would be swell.

      Let me know when you make it.

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      1. Maybe we have both been on there and don’t know it. I wonder if WP notifies you. I’m not even sure. It would be nice though. I would really feel like I made it if that ever happened haha. You would be the first person to know!!

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Anne 🙂 I actually remember visiting your website the other day, I’m so sorry I didn’t realise your blog was so new! I’m going to have to do another list hahaha. And you’re a romance writer! Exactly what I’d love to be one day 🙂

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