The nine different blogs that give you blogging envy

So I was perusing through Discover, when I came across The Well-Thumbed Reader and found her post on 9 Stressful Blogging Situations (And how to solve them). At one point Mikaela mentioned ‘blogging envy’, causing me to immediately remember all the different instances that I too, had faced a monster with eyes of a particular shade of green.

Feeling jealous is often viewed as a very icky, shameful feeling to experience, yet we all face it at some point in our lives (like, every day?) Many people would prefer to gloss over such feelings and pretend they don’t exist, looking down on others who admit such feelings.

I’m guilty of this too.

BUT, I think that envy can be a great motivator if taken the right way (I don’t want to be endorsing jealous fits of rage that might result in murder), as envy is the very reason I’ve been motivated to write this post in the first place.

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for about 2 years, and during that time I’ve come across many different bloggers that made me envious and inspired me to do better.

And you know what? I reckon some cat gifs might do the trick here!

  1. Followers, so many followers


Yes, yes… I know it shouldn’t matter how many followers you have, but who really believes that?? At my current rate of 20 followers a day, it will take me 17 years to get anywhere near Cristian Mihai’s current count of around 125,000 followers.  I think jealousy here is a given…


  1. The Author

As an ‘aspiring’ author, nothing generates more awe than when I come across an author who is about to be published by the very publishing house I adore the most. This happened to me a few months ago when I came across Louise Allan, who is so humble and gracious that it is tricky to be jealous of her recent success.



  1. They have a theme that slays

You know the theme, it looks something like the one utilised by Eyes + Words, a theme that leaves you breathless, spellbound and utterly transfixed for an impossibly long second that stretches forwards and backwards through time.



  1. The arty/hipster creator

The content is amazing, the logo a work of art, the theme so clean it sparkles, and the entire blog punctuated by shots of colour and original artwork. I’ll just flat out say that Little fears embodies all this and more, as not only is he talented, but what he does is just so… unique.



  1. The famous blogger

Imagine a Chuck Wendig-like blogger who is famous for something other than blogging and has that god damn little blue tick on their social media account. And you want it, badly (no use lying, we are all thinking the same thing). They may also have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, an unattainably perfect blog layout and numerous lists and accolades of all the important famous-related stuff they do and famous people they know and god damn their life seems so perfect.



  1. The Time Machine

The envy is strong with this one. And why? Because no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to call yourself a blogger of 19 years like John Sculzi unless you have… a time machine. Not to mention that his current WordPress blog has an archive that runs as far back as 2002!! Back then I was a 14 year old more interested in playing Nanosaur, Bugdom and Cro-Mag Rally on my ibook G3 – not starting and curating the beginnings of a blogging empire.

kitten tardis.gif


  1. The Literary Aficionado

These types often instil more fear in me than envy. And usually I’m too intimidated to even comment on their blog posts least my shabby hack-like writing is illuminated to the fifth degree. Their long, wordy and descriptive phrases are punctuated with twisting nuances and minimal use of subordinating conjunctions. And there is now way in hell I’m tagging one here in case they get a ping back and trace it to my website only to uncover all my literary repelling cat gifs…

cat smart


  1. The omnipresent one

They come out of nowhere ALL THE DAMN TIME. They are everywhere, affecting other bloggers with their super fine, genuine comments and considerate nature. They leave trails of butterflies, sparkles and flowers everywhere they go. You think you got there first? You’d be wrong. You think you came up with the funniest and most relatable comment? You’d be wrong again. Looking at you Opinionated Man (let’s see if he gets in first).



  1. Featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like everyone but you has been ‘freshly pressed’? That’s probably because it’s true. Ok, that may be an overstatement – but honest to God do you have to sell your soul to get on Discover!? Why is it so hard!? How do I get their attention!? Why the fuck do I care so much!?



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80 thoughts

  1. Today I clicked on my follower list and came across you. Started reading your posts and I must say, it is grabing my attention delightfully. I love how easily I could relate to a lot of your posts in particular this one. It’s true when you come across a blog that’s just got that X-factor, you feel so amateurish and you think why am I doing this, I can never be as good as the other, and feelings of despair and jealousy both creep in. I have felt that way a few times but as you say that jealousy actually motivated me and in my motivation I learned how to stay focused and confident as well as happy for all the bloggers out there working hard on theirs. Thankyou for speaking the minds of many. I will definitely be reading more of your content.

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  2. What a cool post and great list, I’ve never really categorised it in this way but I definitely get envy of those people who seem to have amassed thousands of followers in a very short period of time… Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes I always wonder how they manage to amass so many followers so quickly!! Took me two years to get where I am now. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I probably don’t work hard enough at replying to everyone, visiting other blogs etc… to get those higher numbers. Maybe one day!

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  3. Ack, so true for some of these. I’ve definitely been scared away by the literary aficianado by feeling that my insignificant but passionate knowledge on some topic will make me look like a bigger fool than never saying anything at all. *sheepish* I admit I don’t get tooooo jealous of famous or super successful bloggers – maaaybe curious.

    I could not believe Scalzi has been blogging since 2002, when I read that somewhere else O_O yes, I literally thought the same thing when I thought how long I would have needed to be blogging… oy vey.

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  4. I love this!! Love your honesty – mine turns into bitter, curled fist resentment which often leads to broken windows. Next time I’ll try writing about it!

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  5. I just read this and, oh gosh, so many things I could say. One day if we meet, please let me destroy all your illusions so you’ll see that you have absolutely no reason to feel envious!
    The thing is, I’m envious of people who are twenty years younger than me and still have energy and vibrance and … youth. And decades of time ahead of them to write a novel. That includes you, Milly. xx

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    1. Thanks Louise!! Sorry I didn’t see this message earlier! I think I need to set aside an entire today to catch up on my blog hahaha. Thanks for your lovely words, I suppose everyone is always envious of something 🙂 xx

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  6. This is great! It sounds to me like you are a great writer. I get “blogger envy” seeing all the comments on your posts. The blog I had 10 years ago got a lot of interaction. My new one, not so much.

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    1. Thanks!! I supose my follower count is higher these days, but I still get super surprised everytime someone comments/likes my posts. It always makes my day. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. How awesome that you had a blog 10 years ago! What happened to it?


    2. John, don’t feel too badly. I too had blogs back years ago with a lot more interaction, so I can say that commenting on blogs is a lot less common today than it was ten years ago. I remember reading a patch of posts from unrelated blogs that I followed a few years back commenting that they had all noticed a decrease in commenting over the last few months preceding. Milly’s blog is very successful, but it’s harder today to bring in comments. It’s the same thing on deviantART – liking has gone up and commenting has tanked. I’m not sure if WordPress introducing the ‘like’ button was a good thing for comments! Maybe it was. I try to comment AND like because I like the interaction between authors.


  7. I feel like blog envy is inevitable just because its human nature, although I do try to avoid it as much as I can. even so, there is this one blog that grew in three months, from nothing to having thousands of subscribers and i cant help but feel the envy bubble rise and its a really good blog too. I am choosing to see it as motivation to do better.

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    1. Yeah unfortunately envy is pretty much unavoidable in this human life isn’t it hahaha. Gee, what blog are you talking about? Can you give me the link so I can also be equally as envious? 🙂


  8. Trust me – in the overall scheme of things, you’ve got little to worry about. I like your ongoing content (the links you shared here were interesting), and you have a lovely ‘voice’.
    And as for follower numbers – a look at my petite crowd will make you feel better 😂
    How you manage to keep up a blog with lots of comments, as well as writing a book and being on other social media platforms… – I think others will be envious of YOU!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I think that’s the first time anyone has said I have a lovely voice! Perhaps all is not lost after all hahaha. So thank you, that was really nice of you to say 🙂

      I’m not going to lie, I usually find it really tough keeping up with all the comments, and I don’t always have time to reciprocate on other people’s blogs. I’m also studying part-time at university and working full-time – so sometimes I find it hard to even breathe!! (That reminds me, I have two essays due next week!! Oh God haha). I might take a break from blogging and social media over Christmas 🙂

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  9. Haha, this post is so on point! But do you ever feel the opposite of blog envy, blogger’s contempt?

    “Wow, I know my blog isn’t perfect, but at least I’m not THAT bad!”

    I struggle with that one… #tbh

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  10. Oh that’s just hits every insecurity right on the head. Combined with a mixture of awe and envy and hope that keeps me typing away, finding perfect images, looking up themes, and crying at the rise and fall of stats.

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  11. Ah enjoyed the read but I don’t envy anyone, I enjoy the uniqueness in every blogger with a style of their own. I do enjoy a good post for the day so I’m glad the blogging world is vast to be able to choose from.

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  12. Love this post, Milly! The gifs you used made me smile 🙂
    I think that blogger envy exists in all of us. No matter how popular/amazing a blog is, there is always someone to look up to. For example, to me, your blog is amazing (4000+ followers?! really?!) and it surprises me that you have blog envy as well. In China, there is a saying, “there are mountains beyond mountains”, which basically means that no matter how successful a person is, there are always people to look up to 🙂


    Liked by 7 people

    1. Thanks Sophie!! This is so true and I love the saying you mentioned: ‘there are mountains beyond mountains’ – perfectly describes envy! It seems no matter how far ahead we get, there are always people we look up to and wish we could be 🙂

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  13. Fabulous cats again! Uf, the ‘ Aficionados’ terrify me. I’m *ahem* (well, let’s just say I’ve had my 25th birthday several times now) and some of those still make me feel like the awkward kid in the huge glasses trying to decide if I dared sit at THAT table for lunch…

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  14. You have expressed things that I am trying to keep to myself. Thank you for exposing blogger envy. Next, I will need you to form a group that I can attend…..”My name is Anthony and I have blogger envy.”

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  15. “Why the fuck do I care so much!?” That’s really the question. What’s the answer? And, I followed of few of the blogs mentioned here, so thanks for the research. I do value your opinion. You stick your head out into the open once in awhile, and when you do, I make sure to catch up on your thoughts…

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  16. Haha no I only have blogging envy for the ones with the amazing graphics/colours and brilliant content (with cat gifs if possible). I have noticed that plenty of bloggers have a background or are studying something in that field though so I feel better now I know the reasons why some are so much better. I haven’t heard of any of those bloggers by the way but I do follow you, so who’s the greatest :-)?

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  17. Quite humorous. I especially like the kitty gifs. I don’t seem to get bloggers envy. 125,000 follows would be a nightmare in my opinion. Nothing to be envious about there. There’s really a lot of the cool stuff out there is the way I look at it. We do what we can do and make our own niche in a blogosphere with “billions and billions” (Carl Sagan) of blogs in it. And did I say I really love all the cat gifs you came up with?

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  18. Oh, it never ceases to be magical when other people express what I’m feeling. The beautiful theme, the hipster creator… so many followers. Sigh. Thanks for taking the sting out with some humor. Also, I just got my first cat after a lifetime of dogs; I’ll be watching these gifs with more interest now. Cats are weird. I’m interested.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. You just got your first cat!? Omg that is so exciting!! You have to update me on how it’s going 🙂 I personally need to have both a cat & a dog in my life, they compliment each other so well, and I love that dogs & cats fill different voids in your life 🙂


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