The Cool Kids of WordPress #2

You may remember I blogged about The Cool Kids’ back in March of this year, which went on to spawn a terribly endearing group called the ‘Outcast’s Bloghouse’ created by my fellow Aussie writer, Jessica Bakkers, and of which I am a proud member.

I could not help sharing this list with you again, especially as I’ve found a whole new collection of writing and author blogs that I’ve fallen in love with – big thanks to everyone who commented with their suggestions last time!

Name Link WP Followers

(if total for website is unknown)

Website Total 
Cristian Mihai Cristian Mihai 128,165
Opinionated Man HarsH ReaLiTy 56,518
Kristen Lamb Kristen Lamb 50,359
Allison K. Williams Brevity 39,496
Donalyn, Colby, Katherine & Cindy Nerdy Book Club 64,595
John Scalzi Whatever 27,410
Ryan Lanz A Writer’s Path 24,766
Luther M. Stiler Infinite Free Time 20,965
Peter Edwards Sableyes 20,642
Morgan Booknvolume 17,571
Peter Edwards Little Fears 16,944
Kent Wayne Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha 15,434
Sue Vincent Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo 14,528
Sarah Doughty Heartstring Eulogies 14,323
Hugh W. Roberts Hughes Views and News 13,514
Mike Allegra Hey Look A Writer Fellow 11,994
Jenny Jenny in Neverland 10,872
Michelle Terry Lipstick and Laundry 10,799
Austin L. Wiggins Writings By Ender 10,520
Bitter Ben Ben’s Bitter Blog 10,461
Lynette Noni Lynette Noni 10,038
Ryan Lanz All Romance Reads 9,519
Dina Honour Wine and Cheese (Doodles) 8,962
Clare A Little Blog of Books 8,004
Chuck Wendig terribleminds 7,094
Richard M. Ankers Richard Ankers 7,023
Parnassus Books Musing 6,893
J.S. Park J.S. Park Blog 6,094
Lynz Lynz Real Cooking 6,335
C.p. Singleton Madstoffa’s Crunchy House 5,964
Phil Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge 5,945  
sjhigbee Brainfluff 5,855
CN Lester A Gentlemen and a Scholar 5,814
D. Wallace Peach Myths of the Mirror 5,283
Patrick W. Marsh What the Monster Said  4,816
Neha Forgotten Meadows 4,460  
Luanne Castle Writer Site 4,260
Tim Miller Word and Silence 3,920
Jacquelineobyikocha A Cooking Pot and Twisted tales 3,693
Kristen Twardowski A Writer’s Workshop 3,678


Honourable Cat Mentions

Nicola L Robinson Katzenworld 48,916
Caroline Beauty is a Sleeping Cat  2,973
Bailey Blue Bailey Boat Cat  2,154


Last Updated 28th August 2017

P.s Feel free to let me know in the comment section if there is a blogger you think I should add to my list 🙂


31 thoughts

        1. Oh wow really!? That’s amazing. I’m surprised I haven’t come across this one before. Or maybe I have, just not around the time I was compiling my list. Combined you’d have quite a lot of subscribers!


      1. Mmmm no, I’d disagree! You have a very vibrant community…I’d say more vibrant than many of these “cool” people. I think you’re “cooler”, and I’m not just saying that. If you actually look at some of these people’s blogs, the sense of community really isn’t there….just the numbers!


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