The nine stages of getting trolled

There is something about the idea of ‘trolling’ that is just so innately relatable to cats. Perhaps it’s because cats take the power away from trolls, turning them into something infinitely more harmless. To all the trolls out there, so long and thanks for all the fish! 1. Your latest post has gone live on your website, and you sit in a corner, cheeks shining … Continue reading The nine stages of getting trolled

The Cool Kids of WordPress #2

You may remember I blogged about ‘The Cool Kids’ back in March of this year, which went on to spawn a terribly endearing group called the ‘Outcast’s Bloghouse’ created by my fellow Aussie writer, Jessica Bakkers, and of which I am a proud member. I could not help sharing this list with you again, especially as I’ve found a whole new collection of writing and author … Continue reading The Cool Kids of WordPress #2

Short Story: Two Weeping Willows

The body had stayed hidden under the gnarled root of a weeping willow tree for over a year. It was never supposed to be exposed, but the heavy rains of summer had shifted and pushed against the embankment until a huge chunk had given way, disturbing the resting place of some poor girl who had found herself murdered. At least that’s what Elizabeth Crawley had … Continue reading Short Story: Two Weeping Willows