When you try to write instagram poetry

 I’m going on an Instagram craze at the moment, and have tried to write some ‘instapoems’ for my instagram @millyschmidt. WARNING – these are the first I’ve ever done so I hope they aren’t too atrocious. And just so you know, it’s summer in Australia, which is why some of my poems are all sun, surf & sand. I also thought I’d keep in theme with my blog and add a cat gif I think is most appropriate for each poem… lol #crazycatlady



think about how amazing it will be

to finally finish that novel

to type the end

to hold that heavy manuscript in your hands

to flip the pages and see your words in ink




true love, in all its forms

is the presence of forgiveness

not the absence of lies




hear the cry of the seagulls

feel the stinging bite of the sun

taste the salty tang of the coastal breeze

all a veiled mirage




I am in love with a shadow

a partially hidden memory

an echo of a forgotten reality

a ghost that slides from view

sliding cat.gif



home be the sand

the cliffs

the sea

and the phosphorescent,

thundering waves

confused sad cat



to write beside a lion

is to write without fear

lion annoying.gif



summer dreaming

and the unconscious gathering

of fragmented, waif-like remembrances




a word, a thought, sits


it’s power untold

cat with wagging tail



snarling waves are driven by an

Antarctic breeze

overhead the white monarchs

fly through the dull penumbra

of an endless cloud




a shimmering plumage

underneath a curtained tail

a stolen song a century old

is sung through the veil

catthrough curtain.gif

gifs sourced from: memeguy.com, 4gifs.com, hilariousgifs.com, cat-gifs.com, gifbin.com, imgflip.com, gifsoup.com

33 thoughts

  1. I loved the poetry paired with the gifs. Some just made me laugh but the one for Inception seemed to fit the poem in a way that added to it. And Pluck is a real gem with the visual.

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