Short Story: The Early Beach Runner

A splatter of sand across a bare cheek, the crush of firm hands on her neck and gulps of salty spray sliding down her throat. The last fragments of her identity wither and die, misfiring and grafting images of an early beach runner into her new reality. If she could reach backward and call him forth she would scream for him to save her, but … Continue reading Short Story: The Early Beach Runner

The nine stages of facing rejection as a writer

If you aspire to the lofty heights of ‘published’ writer, no doubt you’ve faced rejection time and time again – as I have. I am currently querying my novel, Mesmerise, with agents and considering there are only 15 Literary Agents in Australia, and I can only submit to about seven, self-publishing is starting to look damn attractive right about now. We should all expect to get rejected … Continue reading The nine stages of facing rejection as a writer

9 reasons why you should self-publish

I recently wrote a self-publishing guest post for indie author, Theresa Sopoko. I wrote the article in a bid to convince myself that self-publishing is the way to go. While everyone secretly wants to be published by one of the Big 5, I’ve finally begun to see that the advantages to self-publishing are actually pretty great (if you put in the hard yaka that is) – and what better way to demonstrate that than with a few cats thrown in for good measure!

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