10 Weird Things Writers Do

No, this article isn’t about the 10 strange ways that writers interact with cats. But it could be. Anyway… writers often do weird things for no apparent reason, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. So here are the 10 weird things writers often/sometimes/always do:

1. Frequent cafés with their laptop or notebook ‘to write’. Yes, of course you’re writing



2. Use twitter to ask a celebrity if they want to be in the movie adaption of their book and then watch the screen for a response



3. Blog about the writing process and how hard it is to get a publisher

sad cat.gif


4. Hide chocolate in hard to reach places around the house – and then go out of their way to retrieve said chocolate



5. Attempt to tell others that in actual fact, they don’t like coffee. You can try, you can try



6. Tell everyone that they’re writing a novel

cat smart.gif


7. Run in the other direction when someone asks how that novel is going

cat scared book.gif


8. Set aside entire weekends to write, and instead end up cleaning the house, twice

cat cleaning.gif


9. Own a cat or 20 because they’re not distracting at all to the writing process

too many cats.gif


10. Zone out in mid-conversation, many times, especially when in the middle of killing off a character. How should I kill them? Will it be a heroic death?

cat plotting.gif


Writers are such uniquely odd creatures; they really do need their own Game of Thrones House. Oh hang on, found it!

18 thoughts

  1. ‘Own a cat or 20 because they’re not distracting at all to the writing process’

    I’ve never owned a cat, and I can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic. Are you?

    It’s very true that I run away when people (that means non-writers) ask me how my novel is going. I’ll probably keep running away until I at least finish my first draft.


  2. Loved this. My Cloud has nose markings like #7, could be his twin and he is a jumper too. But #10 is my favorite, it’s like what I do when I’m stuck on a point . And the cat is adorable.

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