The nine stages of waiting to hear back from a publisher

You’ve done it. 630 hours later and you’re ready to send your perfectly polished masterpiece off to the Big 5 (or the Small 254). But what happens next isn’t pretty…

1) Hitting the Send Button

kitten hitting lizard.gif


2) Galloping around the house once you submit your masterpiece

dancing cat.gif


3) Keeping yourself busy as you wait #3MonthsLater

waiting cat.gif


4) Trying not to tell everyone that you’ve submitted to a publisher

cat with wagging tail.gif


5) Regretting when you tell everyone you’ve submitted to a publisher

embarrassed cat.gif


6) Double checking to make sure the publisher sends responses

checking response cat.gif



7) OMG they’ve sent you an email

email surprise cat.gif


8) Getting the courage to read the email

cat attacking dog.gif


9) Opening the email. Holy $#!+balls

wow cat.gif

Gifs are not my own. Sourced from catgifs, Senorgif, lolgifs, Giphy, Gifsoup, 4Gifs, Gifsboom, Hilariousgifs

35 thoughts

          1. I’ve taken 2 back and the last 4 are coming back this month. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I am. I was able to fix typos, get new covers, and promote. My sales are (without exaggeration) 50 times higher. So don’t fret 🙂

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          2. Wow that’s a huge difference! That’s fantastic. You have definitely motivated me to get my act together and publish my novel ! Thank you ☺️ now I just need to re-alert my aunt/editor & beta readers that I will be needing their help after all!


  1. This is just great – brilliantly put together and has me laughing. The last one is a classic – absolute terror! Right, I’ve got to forward this to my cat mad friends – they’ll love it.

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