Submitting Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers

Here’s a list of the Big 5 US Publishing Houses, their submission requirements and links to submission details. I’ve also included at the end of the list two smaller US Publishers that both Us and Non-U.S. citizens should be able to submit too. I thought they would serve as a good example of what’s out there if you decide to try the smaller publishers.

Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers


Submit your manuscript to the big 5 us publishers hachette book group

Hachette Book Group Submission Details:

Imprint that accepts unsolicited manuscripts:

Forever/ Forever Yours (romance)

In the body of the email: a query letter that includes the main hook of your story, the genre, the word count, a brief summary, and a little bit about you

A detailed 3-5 page synopsis as an attachment

Your completed manuscript saved as a Word doc. Forever Yours will only consider manuscripts that are complete at the time of submission.

Response time: up to 8 weeks

You should receive a response, even if rejected


Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers harper collins

HarperCollins Submission Details

Imprint that accepts unsolicited manuscripts:

Avon Impulse (romance) – CURRENTLY CLOSED

Submit online here

Input query letter, brief synopsis, best scene or first 1,000 words

Upload manuscript (unsure if must be completed MS)

Response time: 3 months

You should receive a response, even if negative

Witness Impulse (mystery, suspense, thriller) – CURRENTLY CLOSED

Submit online here

Input query letter, brief synopsis, best scene or first 1,000 words

Upload manuscript (unsure if must be completed MS, there is an option to say incomplete)

Response time: guessing 3 months (same as Avon Impulse)


Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers macmillan

Macmillan Publisher Index

Imprint that accepts unsolicited manuscripts:

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Submit via mail

Rules: Include a cover letter describing submission & first 50 pages of MS

If you wish to hear back include a self-addressed stamped envelope in submission

Response time: 3 – 5 months of receipt of submission


Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers penguin random house

Penguin Random House Submission Details

Imprints that accept unsolicited manuscripts:

DAW (science fiction & fantasy)

Only accepts electronic submissions through their Submittable page

Response time: 3+ months

No response = rejection

Schwartz & Wade

Accepts picture books, middle grade, young adult, non-traditional non-fiction & graphic novels

Submit via mail: Schwartz & Wade Books, Submissions Editor, 1745 Broadway, 10-4, New York, New York 10019.

Digital imprints are apparently open for submissions, however, I didn’t have much luck with the links on this page (scroll to the end for digital imprints). Most of the links are duds and the only one that worked is for Loveswept & Flirt (romance & women’s fiction). Unfortunately, they are CURRENTLY CLOSED for submissions.


Submit Your Manuscript to the Big 5 US Publishers simon & schuster

Simon & Schuster Submission details

Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts

Directs you to their self-publishing service for those of us who can’t get an agent: Archway Publishing

Submit Your Manuscript to a Smaller US Publisher


entangled publishing

Entangled Publishing is an independent publisher of romantic fiction – no surprise they are open for submissions across all of their imprints!

Please see the submission information page or click on one of the links below:

  • Amara – 70k-120k word single title adult romance novels.
  • August – 20k-70k word category romance featuring Gen-X characters.
  • Bliss – 20k-60k sweet category romance.
  • Brazen – 20k-60k erotic category romance.
  • Embrace – New Adult romance novels or novels with romantic elements.
  • Entangled Teen – 70k-120k word romance novels or novels with romantic elements.
  • Indulgence – 45k-60k contemporary category romance.
  • Lovestruck – 20k-60k contemporary, romantic comedy category romance.
  • Scandalous – 20k-65k historical category romance.
  • Scorched – 15k-65k novellas, serialized novellas, and full-length novels, all with erotic romance elements.
  • Teen Crave – 20k-60k paranormal/scifi/fantasy YA category romance.
  • Teen Crush – 20k-60k contemporary YA category romance.

So that’s it folks! Enjoy and good luck submitting!



Diversin Books Publishing details and Submission details

Accepts unsolicited manuscripts:

Accepts only certain genres (see publishing details)

Submit via email

In the body of email include a query letter and a few chapters of your MS. Do not send attachments

Cannot guarantee a response


Last updated 21st Feb 2019



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    1. It’s interesting that this is my most viewed blog of all time on my website! Most of the traffic is from search engines. There must be so many people submitting their manuscripts right at this moment!


  1. Thanks for the follow – one thing about WordPress I love is making contact with others of like mind from half way ’round the world – when you’re in Australia like I am, that’s most people. Follow the dream…


  2. You have made some good points there. I checked on the web for more information about
    the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.


  3. Thanks so much for your informative post. After being accepted for a position with, I will still pursue these. I appreciate so much your willingness to share. I hope I can be of help to people as well:)


  4. (Haha!) A condolence prize (hahaha!) — as if someone had died? (Haha!) How peculiar. (Hahaha!) I could understand a consolation prize (haha!) — as if you hadn’t won the big prize on The Price is Right, (hahahahaha!) but a condolence prize? (Hahahahahaha!) That’s hilarious! (Hahahahahahaha!) Oh, help! I. Can’t. Breathe! Hahahahahahahaha!

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    1. Oh this is just golden!!! You noticed!! I thought no one had hahaha consolation just didn’t quite seem to fit the severity of my disappointment in Simon & Schuster offering a self-publishing service straight after declaring they don’t take unsolicited manuscripts

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      1. You did an admirable job of subtle placement — making it that much funnier! So what they’re saying is that they don’t want to invest any effort or money in something they haven’t asked to see, but they’re happy to offer you a way to pay them something if you do all the work. smh

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      2. I have mixed feelings about the self-publishing. In one way it seems to say your work is not good enough. In another it provides opportunities for some books that are truly creditable, but just don’t make it through the publishing world hoops. With computers and the Internet it seems more people are writing and publishing these days. There is so much to read, but if you try to stay up on the reading, how do you find the time to write? Your post will be helpful to those beginning the process?


  5. This is actually a common tactic in the US a lot of authors who have difficulty getting published here will try to publish overseas then if they are lucky the US imprints will pick up and sell the book here in the US thank you so much for the comprehensive list I’m actually very interested to hear about a picture book publisher who will take unsolicited manuscripts thank you very much!

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    1. I’m so glad you clicked through!! I was just looking at your poems, they’re wonderful, a few struck a cord with me. I usually don’t click the ‘poetry’ tag, as I can’t really write poetry that well, very impressed with those who can!

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  6. This was so helpful and informative! Thanks for the shout-out, too–you didn’t have to do that (but I’m glad you did!). Especially encouraging is that you got real feedback from the smaller publishers. Also, it’s very helpful that you included whether or not writers receive responses if their work is not accepted. Thank you again! Phenomenal.

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    1. Thanks again for the idea!! It was very interesting researching the US publishers. The smaller ones are amazing. My first ever feedback was from one of them, ramram publishing, they’re great!! The feeling of getting a ‘real’ reply was so exciting, I’m so thankful to them. And yes I think it’s important to know if you’re going to get a response (accepted or not) I’d just go insane otherwise if I didn’t know 🙂

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