Another coffee post

There really is nothing more tempting and soul saving in the world to a writer then the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning, middle of the day, afternoon, evening and in the middle of the night (say, 3am?)

You know you’re obsessed when you look in your pantry and you’ll most likely find instant coffee on standby, gourmet coffee bags, coffee beans, coffee bean grinder, plungers, percolators, some form of Avanti Espresso or Baccarat Brilliante, and a bottom or top of the range coffee machine sitting on your kitchen bench.

jus poor the coffee


There are coffee snobs, and then there are the true coffee addicts aka the caffeine desperados. You know which one you are if you’re faced with the possibility of scrapping the bottom of an out-of-date-Nescafé –jar-with-instant-coffee-granules-that-have-just-gone-stale to make your morning coffee.  Yes I have done this before, and the granules were black.

I think my addiction started when I was at college writing 2,500 word essays five hours before the deadline. I had grown to appreciate a perfectly balanced double shot latte or (my favourite) a creamy piccolo, but college brought me to a whole other level, the ‘I need a coffee right now or I’ll never be able to figure out the over-representation of minority groups in the rural criminal justice system’ level.

WordPress seems to be flooded with caffeine related posts, especially if you’re following writers, readers, book review bloggers and freelancers!! This suits me perfectly.

For example:

Writing and Coffee – why? by Nate Philbrick (You Write Fiction)

Coming through coffee – by Brady Tighe (coffee fuelled stagnation destruction)

The Cup of Coffee by Ali Trotta (alwayscoffee)

Some of my coffee blog siblings:

Coffee n’ notes

Coffee fuelled stagnation destruction

Ink in my Coffee

CCC. Café. Coffee. Cancion.


Coffee w/ Kaulie

Coffee. Write. Repeat.

I remember reading a few more coffee related posts recently by the bloggers I’m following, which is the reason why I’m writing this post in the first place (but can’t seem to find them short of going through every single follower one by one haha) J

Hope you all have a successful, caffeine-brewed day!

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19 thoughts

  1. Coffee is always a good idea as they say 😉 Love how this post relates so much to everyday life (not just for writers). As a doctor, coffee is in my blood. I don’t know how I could have gone through seemingly endless duty hours without it ( hence describing my blog as ‘overdosed). At the same time, having coffee alone relaxing or out with friends is also my favorite thing to do.
    I participate on a weekly #weekendcoffeeshare post hosted by Diana of the Part Time Monster blog. She sets up a link, usually Saturday morning, where everyone can share their posts (mostly starting with “If we were having coffee” statements). Sharers write just about anything from work, family, occasions, trips and a lot more others, while (virtually) sharing a cup of joe or tea or just about any beverage (because not everyone is a coffee drinker, you’ll see). You can check it out through the link on my site if you’re interested in joining. Everyone is welcome.

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    1. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through college without coffee! I think that’s when my addiction really took off lol. Funnily enough I’ve actually changed the name of my blog since I wrote this. Thanks for letting me know about #weekendcoffeeshare!


  2. When I feel alone, first thing I do is brewing a cup of coffee, When I want to relax, I need coffee, when I wake up, I need coffee, when I need some energy to work on complicated thing, I need a coffee. Sometime I think coffee is a real friend, who always stays with me when I need it and it helps to get going. I feel complete with coffee in most of the situations. Thanks for sharing these blogs, will check them out. Also give a look on my coffee post too, Yeah coffee also help me to pay my bills 🙂

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    1. Ah yes lots of tea posts too!! I love this wordpress blogging community , so many coffee & tea fanatics!! I have a friend who’s last name is Coffey (pronounced the same) so he gets called ‘beans’, and yep, he works in one of the best cafés in town!

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  3. Oh the irony! I woke up this morning to find i’d run out of coffee – arrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh! I live in a remote part of West Wales so there’s no corner shop to nip out to, and I’ve spent the past 2 hours dithering over whether to make the car journey to the nearest coffee emporium, or go cold turkey and sit it out. Then I read your post. *sigh* I’ll get my coat! 😉

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