Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate

I am forced into stillness, unable to act as I watch the unbridled show of greed displayed so evidently on my friend’s face. The world thunders and growls in protest, my resolve weakening as I encounter the earth-shattering blindness that must consume her.

Repeated images flicker in my mind’s eye, increasing in colour and severity until I can longer see anything but the object of my desire. The inner blade of accusation will no longer settle the disturbed calm nor soothe the parched tongue. I am slipping, at my wits end, deep cracks and rivets forming on the surface of my deceptively feeble mask.

What should I do?

A thousand synapses collide in a myriad of conflicting desires and choices, competing with one another in an unconscious symphony, culminating in a kaleidoscope of firing neurons that allows for the disintegration of my carefully constructed armour, an intangible shield that I had previously been unaware.

There is only one choice.

My friend hands me a row of chocolate squares and I take them gratefully, an action to be analysed and demonised for many thought-seconds later.

For the love of chocolate!

save the earth


Imagine moisturising creams shaped as chocolate soufflés… 🙂

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  1. Thank you for all your likes on my blogs, having that much, its what I appreciate very much that you took your time to read my posts, it’s refreshing to know that someone out there in the internet understand you, and and appreciate your sharing, because sharing is caring, isn’t it? So, this is a little secret from childhood Have you ever try a bar of dark chocolate Nestle’, in a peice of Fanch bread, baguette, and the chocolate, the one that your mom, we use for for pastries, put that for 3 seconds in microwave, and you tell about it, with a sip of café noir sans-sucre
    Thanks for sharing your love of (chocolate, café and writing)

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    1. I’m so impressed that you even HAVE a secret stash of chocolate! I have long since destroyed all secret chocolate stashes and any will power I once possessed not to eat them. I can’t have chocolate in the same house as me :O

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      1. Oh my god I just saw this cocoa powder post!! Best suggestion ever!! When I’m really desperate I usually make my favourite cookie dough mix, and when I was younger I remember mixing cocoa + icing sugar to get a hit. Dear lord no hope for me when it comes to cocoa…


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