Funny story titles from when I was younger

I was going through my old stories that I started and later ditched long, long ago, and had a chuckle at my own expense at some of the VERY silly titles I used to come up with. I thought I might share them with you! Some of them are corny, weird or just plain unoriginal. All I can say is…


A Realm Away – a princess falls in love with a shape shifter from the magical realm

Beware the Lion – This isn’t actually about a lion

Dangerous secrets – yes, very dangerous indeed

Decloir Manor – about a manor house and its mysterious owner

Dragon Jewel – about dragons and jewels

Emerald of the Stars – The main character has green eyes and magic

Green and Gold Magic – hahahaah… ahem… hahahaha

Lost – I suppose I was running out of titles

Lost in time – a faerie and a human accidentally travel back in time


Mazob Magic – not sure where I got Mazob from?? Though funnily when you type it in to Google it keeps correcting to amazon

Monicalet – the name of one of the main characters who is a princess (but doesn’t know it)

Mystical, Magical Realm of Soonkar –worst place name ever? Changed it to ‘Sokar’ later. You know when place names pop into your head and you wonder where they came from? Well, they always come from somewhere. (Sokar is from my favourite TV show)

Red Rose Day – this one’s about guardian angels

Run away – a time travel/amnesia romance. I’m guessing it was meant to read ‘Runaway’


Shape shifter – a girl falls in love with a shape shifter from a parallel world

Stairway to the Moon – what?? I hear you say

The Faeries of Ice and Desert – hahaha

The Light City – a city filled with ‘light elves’

The Other Land – I think the ‘other’ land might be where all the magic folks live

The Pirate Shipa fantastical sailing ship that flies among the stars in space. I hadn’t figured out the oxygen and air pressure thing. Hang on, I feel like I’ve seen this before?


The Magical Twins – wonder what this one’s about?

The Moon and the Disk – yeah, I can’t even explain this one

Underground City – yes it’s a city, under the ground

Vampire Academy – must have been going through a Twilight phase

Welcome To Moon! – what’s with all the moons Millie?


There are more… so many more… but I think that’s way past enough. I would love to hear some of your own funny story titles from when you were younger. Please share if you have any!!

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  1. Some of them aren’t that bad, though! I mean, I’d totally read Decloir Manor, Stairway to the Moon and some of the others 😀
    When I was eight, I named a book series LBMJ because those were the main characters’ initials and I genuinely thought that that was a great name.

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  2. Actually, some of these titles aren’t all that bad. A Realm Away, Emerald of the Stars, and Decloir Manor sound like fairly legit titles. Some of the other ones, like Shape Shifter and The Pirate Ship….yeah. They’re just a little too upfornt about what the story’s about.

    However, I do love this title: Mystical, Magical Realm of Soonkar. This title is so Roald Dahl meets Dr. Seuss. It needs to be a real book. 😀

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    1. Hahah thanks! It’s nice to know the younger me wasn’t utterly off the mark – althogh the actual stories are pretty atrocious!! My favourite was A Realm Away, which I was writing when I was about 17/18. It got to about 20,000 words before I lost it (the file just disappeared one day, I was devastated lol). Mystical, Magical Realm of Soonkar is one I’m still working on – just for fun though. I’d be mortified if anyone read it! LOL

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      1. If it’s any consolation, I’ve always thought of my current story as my Ambrose and Elsie story. I’ve never given it a proper title. 😶 <- (That's me being shocked beyond any proper reaction) That didn't even occur to me until I was already two years into writing the story.

        So, now when I'm not writing, I like to daydream about possible titles for it.


        1. I love brainstorming story titles too! I always feel like, if I can just come up with the ‘perfect’ title, everything else will magically fall into line 🙂 Ambrose and Elsie is pretty cool anyway! I quite often use the name of the main character as a fill in until I come up with something better – although quite often the names become part of the title anyway. The first novel-length story I ever completed was called ‘Evie’. When I finally finished it, I renamed it ‘Someday’ – which wasn’t very original. It eventually transformed into ‘Someday, Evie’.

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  3. These are great! I’m planning on writing a non-fiction book of part of my life, but can’t make myself write it until I’ve got a title. Maybe I’ll just call it something silly and change it later…

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    1. Me too! Naming things just never came naturally when I was younger. For my current novel I’m working on I was able to ask my friends for advice and they told me which title they liked the best (and gave me good feedback on why my other titles sucked, lol) Gotta love friends!

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      1. I used to cheat and make titles that were song titles, but know I’m trying to be more original with the whole naming business. Friends do come in handy- a lot of the original characters in my story were named by friends.

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      2. I call my characters after friends too!!! I usually change them only much later on when I really get a feel for the character (I’m a pantser so I never plan ahead or do character profiles ahead of time etc… hahaha).


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