The three stages of editing your first draft – warning, there will be cats

Based on my current experience, I think there are three main emotional stages to the (first draft) editing process, and this is what we look like while going through them:


At the beginning of the editing process you are confident in the face of all evil:

Original source:



At some point, during the middle of the editing process, your nearest and dearest will enjoy taking photos of your descent into madness:

wet cat


3. WHO AM I?

I’m afraid that after you finish editing your first draft, there are no feelings left at all, and you tend to look like this:

crazy cat


But then, one day, either a few minutes to a few years after you finish editing your novel, you suddenly have another marvellous idea for a story and you jump straight back in…


Good luck!!

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21 thoughts

  1. Ah…god…I laughed so hard! Thank you. I have cats too, although mine don’t do funny things, they just sit on my desk, right smack in the middle of the monitor. Such attention whores. 🙂 I, personally, am somewhere between stage 1 and stage 2 at the moment. Yes….

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    1. Hahah don’t you just love cats? They ALWAYS want to be in the middle of things. While you’re cooking, gardening, writing, wathching movies – they’ll be there, flicking their tails in your face, meowing for attention and jumping on the keyboard 🙂


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