The three stages of editing your first draft – warning, there will be cats

Based on my current experience, I think there are three main emotional stages to the (first draft) editing process, and this is what we look like while going through them: CONFIDENCE At the beginning of the editing process you are confident in the face of all evil: Original source: 2. IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS At some point, during the middle of the editing process, your nearest … Continue reading The three stages of editing your first draft – warning, there will be cats

Short Story: Kookaburra Singing

1 I’m in the car park. My dads message beeps noisily as I step through the automatic doors. An overwhelming slap of heat takes me by surprise. I spent many years living under the sweltering tropical overhead of the top end’s wet season, yet today its monsoonal envelope embraces my shoulders so completely that it startles me. Sweat gatheres underneath my tight cotton shirt and I shrug away the pooling … Continue reading Short Story: Kookaburra Singing

I dream a dream of writing full-time #thewriterslife

Isn’t this the biggest wish of most aspiring, new and established authors?  For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a published author, as I’m sure many of you do do! Or perhaps your wish is to become a successful freelancer, website designer, food blogger extraordinaire, ghost-writer, savvy  media journalist or a fashion magazine editor. Whichever one you are, we’re all in this together! (OK that line was corny, please ignore).

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On writing a “romantic” scene

OK so writing “romantic” scenes doesn’t come naturally to me, the whole thing makes me blush. In fact, I feel awkward just writing this post. While writing the one romantic scene in my book, I snorted and laughed with every word and key stroke and couldn’t stop thinking about what my family would think of me.

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Pantser, plotter, plotser or panter?

I am currently in the editing phase for my novel and I am strongly considering the need to change from a pantser to a plotter. My work is all over the place, there are plot holes and repeated prose, loose ends and untidy beginnings In case you’ve never heard of the terms before, and google’s temporarily broken, here’s my dictionary throw in for the terms ‘pantser’ and ‘plotter’ Plotter: pretty much Hermione Granger … Continue reading Pantser, plotter, plotser or panter?