10 blogs writers should be following by new & upcoming authors

Since re-animating my long dead twitter, I have uncovered a whole new world of literary connections. Among them are thousands upon thousands of blogs written by new, aspiring and upcoming authors. After combing through at least two hundred websites, during which I found a few spectacular duds, I managed to uncover some gems (please note I did not find these blogs from DMs, but from good all fashion hunting #mondayblogs #amwriting):

Nate Philbrick @NatePhilbrick

Author of the novel Little One, and with two more on the way, Nate’s You Write Fiction blog is full to brimming with author tips and writing insights. Seriously, anyone who blogs about Writing & Coffee in the same post and provides twitter examples is just too perfect in spirit to even exist in this world.

Sarah Mitchell Jackson @SMitchJack

Sarah’s debut novel will be published in 2016 by Blue Moon Publisher’s. Sarah’s was the first blog I randomly stumbled across while trawling on twitter and I love her authenticity and engaging posts.

Faisal Ansari @AnsariAuthor

Faisal calls his blog a ‘writer’s diary’ and it is exactly the kind of blog I’ve been looking for. His current post (Dec 3 2015) is titled: Two troubling questions and revolves around his book sales. As soon as I saw the line ‘will writing make me rich?’ I was hooked. Here’s an indie author that’s already gone through the process of self-publishing, which is something I hope to do next year.

L Reynolds @llreynolds777

With two novels recently published, Reynolds provides insight into the life of a published author. I particularly love this post from November 3rd (and not because I’m single & childless & have a dog that is my baby):  Writer, Need a Muse? / Get A Dog / Shiba Inu Helps Edit 

Francis Sparks  @writingsparks

Recently signed with Pandamoon Publishing for his debut novel Made Safe, Francis Sparks is certainly on a winning streak. The winning streak continued when I noticed his animated Jon Snow memes in a blog post from October 22nd

Everly Frost @EverlyFrost

Everly’s debut novel Fear my mortality will be out in January 2016. Everly’s ‘news’ blog has a little bit of everything for everyone. Author interviews, book reviews, writer insights and a little peak into her life.

Michael Grey @Mikes005

Mr Grey’s current blog post on Juggling writing… and writing definitely resonates with many writers of this day and age! His patreon project is also pretty impressive.

Illyria Brant  @illyria_brant

I’m a sucker for romance, so was ecstatic to find another new and upcoming romance author. Besides having a really cool first name, and living in the coolest city in the world, Illyria’s most recent blog post on Pen Names really caught my eye.

Clintington @clintingtons

Currently finishing up his first novel, Clintington writes hilariously on movie related stuff. Movie buffs (who want to read what another dedicated movie nerd has to say) go check him out!

Kelli Crockett @kellincrockett

With one novel under her belt and another #NaNoWriMo novel coming out next year, Kelli is well on her way to realising every writer’s dream. The blog on her homepage is filled with NaNoWriMo posts, which are both funny and relatable for anyone else who has undergone the writing month of torture.

I know there are dozens more blogs out there by new & aspiring authors. I’m looking forward to uncovering even more gems as I continue on my twitter journey!

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  1. This was from several years ago, but I just have to say that your content is my kind of style exactly; I love your blog! It’s a good mix of your own thoughts but also lists like this that lead us readers to other blogs we might like.


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